John Deere LX188

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John Deere LX188

Craig Simpson I need a hood and side panels for my LX188. I understand that hoods from LX176 and LX178 will also fit.Can any help? Thanks Craig
bontai Joe According to Deere parts on line, the same hood fits LX172, LX176, LX186, LX178 and LX188 and is available from Deere for $210 new. The hood consists of more than one piece, and the price I gave would be for the kit of side pieces and top piece. You would have to salvage all the hardware and light lens, bulbs, etc. from your old hood. If you need a grill and Deere medalion and decals, they are all extra. Don't know if you want to invest that kind of money, but just wanted to let you know that they are still available from Deere.
craig simpson OK I have found the top hood so now I need the side panels this is all one peice. can anyone help new or used. thanks craig
craig simpson Joe I can not find that site to order. I did find a top hood however I now just the the panels which is all on peice. My grill and lights are good. Do you have a phone number for this company? Thanks Craig
bontai Joe Deere offers the web site for parts look-up, but you have to order through your dealer. I use JDParts all the time to see what is available, what is obsolete, and what it is gonna cost me. Deere doesn't allow direct ordering because they support their dealer network. They consider their dealers the front line of sales and service, although their relationship with Home Depot does crap on that idea a little bit.
jimmyfann i just bought a used bottom half for my lx188 off of ebay and paid 302.50, my dealership in maryville tennessee wanted close to 500 without tax, good luck
AGunzer I have a '97 LX188, with 36" mower deck, in excellent condition, with a log of all uses, services, etc. I want to sell this lawn tractor but don't know how much to ask. Cost new was nearly $4000. Can anyone suggest a fair price to ask?
craig simpson I had a friend just sell one that was in excellent conition for 1500.00.
Jerry Black I have a 2000 LX188 that wants to lope when running until the blades are engaged then it runs like it is supposed to do. I've cleaned the carb and changed the fuel filter. Also put in new plugs and srayed all linkage but with no luck. Does anyone have any ideas how to cure this problem? I would appreciate any help. Thanks.
nickmarkus I am looking to replace the lawn bags for the late 90's lx188 John Deere lawn mower with the yellow 48" power flow in the chute. The new bags are about two inches shorter than the original bags. Is there somebody or a place that may have these older bags for sale? Thanks
Richard The Kawasaki 17hp engine hunts/surges with no load when hot. I have cleaned carb and replaced filter and fuel lines. Spray carb cleaner and the hunting goes away temporarily then returns. Dealer cleaned carb twice and said I need new carb. Anyone had similar problem ?
phillip hi does anyone have a carburetor for a lx188 john deere kawasaki 17hp liquid cool if so please send me picture & price thanks to all that reply
Art Pupedis RE: Loping/surging/hunting of Kawasaki engines at full throttle with no load is normal. Manual mentions this and dealer should know better
talljon i just had a new carb put on my lx 188, parts and labor was 420.00 , I need a hood for mine , anyone got one ???
Kris Does anyone have a Mikuni carb for a LX188 with FD501V Kawasaki engine?

Kris How does one instal the float bowl gasket properly?
Kris My carb appears to be leaking fuel at the brass "boll seal" on the left side, just above the float bowl O ring.
Does this happen often?

jack I need side grill and panels for both sides
Lee Karr looking for hood top and bottom for a lx 188 Deere
Carl Hall Looking for the a hood for LX188 complete, top, sides,lower, grill with lights, the whole thing.
Does anyone have one???

The Chuckster 56 I have a 1998 LX188 been a good one but this spring when I went to crake it with choke it crank as always but as soon as I pull it down to normal range it quits immediately. I put stabil gas treatment in it over the winter. Any ideas
Slideinheadfirst1 Hi, Chuckster, it sounds as if your low idle needle screw and seat are clogged or partially anyways, try turning adjustment screw all the way in till seated. (Use a light touch with screwdriver, so as not to damage seat. Count the turns it took going in. Should be 1 3/4- 2 turns or so. Then back the screw out 3/4 the way out (5-6 turns). While it's backed out, spray carb cleaner down throat towards the small hole that enters the carb. Then turn screw till bottoms and back off the earlier counted turns. Works, on my 116 deere and I'm sure on most others as well.
bill smith what is the amperage output on a lx188 with a kawasaki 17 hp motor

the pan is gone, electric clutch will not engage,hood all cracked up, not worth expense to rebuild but......

we have to spray under pecan trees and the tractor runs fine but we need to spray roundup at spray at night, an the height is better for spraying than a 4-wheeler

need sone idea the output so we do not out strip the available amps with lighting,

oh we plan to add an extra battery to stretch the juice.

we will run the sprayer off auxillary battery and use a baterey isolator so that excess amps from tractor will recharge the 2 battery

Justin Madden

Terry Does anybody have the valve lash adjustment for the 17hp liquid cooled engine on the lx188
dave sands need both side grills

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