Trans oil for a JD 316 lawn tractor

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Trans oil for a JD 316 lawn tractor

Bob Buxbaum It's Sunday, I want to service a John Deere 316 lawn tractor that came with the house I bought, and I have everything I need except the oil for the transmission/pto system. The factory manual calls for John Deere branded fluid, but does not say what it is. What type of fluid should I be using in the transmission?
bontai Joe If you are buying your fluid from a Deere dealer, tell him what you need and he should fix you up with Low-vis HyGard fluid AND a new filter. It's a spin on filter that looks like an oil filter. If it's a lot more convenient to go to the auto parts store, then you can pick up Type "F" automatic transmission fluid (around 6 quarts). I highly recommend getting a new filter in either case. The hydro is very expensive to repair or replace, so you want to take good care of it. I own (2) 316s and had to buy them both, none came with a house, so congratulations to you for being either lucky or a good negotiator.
Bob Buxbaum NOT such a good negotiator! In 8 months I have had to buy a Cub Cadet to do what the JD 316 couldn't (because it wouldn't start due to a now repaired automatic compression release failure, charging system inop, etc.etc.!!!), all new windows, doors, garage doors, and soon a new roof!! Next for the 316 is to check out the charging system to see what's NOT happening there, and then swallow REAR hard and buy some new brake shoes for the back. TWENTY DOLLARS PER SHOE. Good grief!!! Oh well, maybe I can have my own tractor pull in the back yard.
bontai Joe If you are on a tight budget (every new home owner is) you can hold off on the brakes for a while, the hydro will stop you by just pulling the lever back. I seldom use the brakes, except on the one 316 I have with dual rear brakes for tighter turns, and that is not very often. As to charging, check the cheap stuff first like the fuses and wiring connections and battery and eyeball the wiring harness for bare wires, broken or pinched wires.
Bob Buxbaum Thanks for the help. It turns out that for the use that this 316 will see Type F ATF is just fine. I'm not house poor (thank goodness), but I sure am burning through the equity on the house I sold!! Check out my e-mail address and you will get an idea what I do for my business life. The wiring harness may have seen it's better day, but if there ever were some fuses they have long since been removed. I have to find a group 22F battery as the one in it is toast. There is a charging meter on the dashboard, but to my surprise there are no wires going TO it or FROM it. One of my customers is a John Deere shop and they lent me a shop manual ($120.00 at the parts counter) and I'll use it for wiring reference.

So, the beast is back together, fresh 30W ND in the engine, new WIX filter and ATF in the transaxle, I ran out of bolts and screws EXACTLY when the last hole was filled. A good feeling!

So, I'll buy a battery this week, check the charging system and wiring, put some storage additive in the gas, turn a few laps around the yard, and put it to sleep until March.

kameron i have a jd 316 and i need to know how to fill the trans with atf whare is the fill hole

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