Best Snow Removal Solution

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Best Snow Removal Solution

James I am buying a new home, it has a paved driveway about 1000' long. I am also getting a JD F935 Mower with the house, but the mower only has the mowing deck and no other accessories. This is located in Northwest NJ and I am looking for information on the best snow removal solution. Snow blower attachment, plow or getting a plow and an old Pick Up truck or jeep. Any suggestions appreciated.
bontai Joe Is your driveway paved or gravel? Reasonably flat, or several hills? Can the Deere F 935 be fitted with a blower or plow? (I'm not familiar with this unit) The answers would affect what might work best. If you have the space to push 2 or 3 storms worth of snow, then the plow would be my choice, if your drive has banks, or retaining walls, then I'd possibly get the blower. I lived in north west Nj for many years and now currently live across the Delaware in the Poconos, and have plowed snow for many years with an old Deere 316 tractor equipped with wheel weights and chains distances up to and exceding the 1000 feet you mention. In any event, even the best walk behind blower will be too small for your job. You would wear it out in 2 or 3 years, not to mention the wear and tear on you physically handling such a machine on a 1000 foot drive. As far as getting an old truck or Jeep with a plow, that is the heaviest duty way to go, and also the most expensive. Figure a minimum of $5000 for anything semi-reliable, and that same $5000 will buy a pretty good NEW tractor with plow. Just my thoughts on this.

I'll check further on what is available for the F 935 when I get back from church.

James The driveway is paved for single vehicle width. For a distance of approximately 500 ft there is a 4% grade. The rest is 1% or less.

The 935 is a 29HP diesel, rear wheel steering mower with a PTO in the front. The deere website is not terribly helpful at finding accessories that fit or the manual.

Tim Boisvert You can get either attachment, I see them on Ebay from time to time.

I'd think about getting both. In a big storm, the plow may not be enough. If it's several inches of really wet slush, the plow will be better.

bontai Joe I have since found out that the F935 can be fitted with a 47" snowblower. Since your driveway is paved and rather flat, I think the blower for your F935 would be a good choice. I'd also consider a cab to protect you from the elements. The F935 is an excellent machine, and it would be great to get it to work all year long for you.
Carol Dugas I live in the province of Quebec and we have good amount of snow. I bought a Honda 3813 two cylinder lawn tractor and a 44 inc snowblower for is a good kit and the blower is very effective at trowing the snow up to50 ft.I had to cast 65 pds weight in each rear wheel and I also use tire chains. This works good as lond as I'm not incline on one side. In this case, the rear of the tractor as the tendency to slide down and eventually get stuck.I decided to put the blower in front of my ATV wich is 4WD coupled with a 13HP Honda motor. Now I have the best of both world. Lot of traction and a blower that as power to spare.I tink that with the power you get on your tractor and a front PTO you can do the same easyly and and be very satisfied with it.remember that you are clearing almost four feet wide at a time and it wont take much pass to have your driveway cleared. Carol
bontai Joe I just saw this on Ebay, and thought it might be of interest to you. I am not connected to this in any way, just passing along information. Check out Ebay item # 4349892443

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