John Deere 111 w/snow blower

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John Deere 111 w/snow blower

Jim Appleby Local store has a JD 111 for sale. Looks pretty clean, comes with snow blower and wheel weights. They're asking $1,175, which seems steep to me. Any comments welcome.


JimKW A 111? How old is that thing? I had a 110 that was built in the 60's. Maybe he is selling it as a collector's item or an antique. I would think that is pretty steep too, if it is the same basic tractor as the 110.
Jim Appleby don't know how old it is, I've been trying to determine that. not selling as an antique, its just sitting there with all the other used tractors (outside no less) gear drive (6 speed I believe) 38" deck 12 HP.
treed The JD 111 was built from 1979 to 1985. It came with either a 5-speed gear or a hydrostatic transmission and was powered by a Briggs & Stratton 11 hp engine. The 1979 through 1981 models had the fuel tank under the hood, while the 1982 through 1985 models had the tank under the seat. They had a manual PTO only for the 1979 year, then used an electric PTO clutch starting in the 1980 model. The mower deck was/is a 2 bladed, 38" cutting width. They are a great little lawn tractor, but the asking price is way too steep, IMO, even with the snow blower and weights.

bontai Joe I agree with treed, it is a nice little lawn tractor, but not worth what he is asking. Unless it was like new in every way, it is worth more like $650-700 tops with the blower and weights, at least in my area.
Jim Appleby Thanks all for the input. Any idea what the trade-in value of this unit might have been?
bontai Joe Sight unseen and not knowing the dealer or store and how they operate, it might have been traded in at anywhere from $300 to over $700 especially if he is looking to get over $1000 now.
treed I agree with bontai Joe on this. The thing you have to remember here is that even though the 111 is a great little lawn tractor, it is not a garden tractor. Though it can handle a 42" snow blade and a 38" snow blower, it can not do the things a 200 series or a 300 series garden tractor can. Therefore it's value is not as good. I personally love the 111, and it's siblings, the 108, 112L and 116 lawn tractors, but they're not a 318. This dealer probably allowed anywhere from $200-$300 to $400-$600 range at trade-in, depending on the new tractor that was involved in this deal.
Jim Appleby Got it for $775. Lot of noise (deafening) when pto is engaged, but I'm hoping this is a belt tension issue. Anyone have experience with the snow blower on this unit? Wondering how well a small tractor like this does blowing snow.
bontai Joe It will be much better than a shovel! If you live in Buffalo NY (as example), you are gonna get a lot of seat time. If you live in Virginia (as example) it will probably be a great choice. Great job in haggling price.
treed I know of a guy in Ontario that used a 111 with snow blower last winter and was extremely pleased with the set-up. The noise from the pto could be the tensioner pulley on the deck or a bad bearing on one of the deck spindles. Either way, it can be fixed easily and inexpensively enough. I think you didn't do to badly with the price you paid. Congratulations on your new 111. They are great lawn tractors.

Jim Appleby Thanks again for all the info. Anyone know where I can find instructions or diagram on how to attach the snowblower. This is my 1st tractor, so I could really use some reference points.
Dennis I have a 111 in MN. Mine would just spin the tires,I had to add 100 pounds of dumbell weights on the bagger rack and I weigh 225.It then worked very well.I felt this was a lot of extra weight for the transaxle and only used it one winter.You will need chains also,and greese the front spindles liberally or in the spring they will be rusted solid.I have seen manuals on ebay and at J.D. dealers. If you can't find one I'll make you a copy of mine.
Jay hello i just got a 111 with 38 deck and blower from my neibor it needed a battary that it mower work great does any one no how to hook snow blower to the front thanks from Michigan
steve Does anyone know if the snowblade from a John Deere 111 will fit John Deere GT235? Site has John Deere 111 with snow blade, weights and parts for $600. I have a GT 235 and could use the snow blade for my driveway.
be690 I have 3 JD111's and love 'em. But be careful about piling on the weight. I had a snow blade (adapted Craftsman blade) and chains on it one winter and had to replace the transaxle the next spring. Great lawn tractor but NOT a garden tractor.
Brett i just wondered if anyone can tell me which plow model #s will fit a john deere 111
Chris I'm just wondering if anyone knows how much a new pto clutch costs for a john deere 111?
Mark I have a 112L that runs like a million dollars, I don't have the mower deck but I do have the sno blower on it but when I switch on the PTO it cuts the motor out, any ideas?? And I'm just looking to sell it any idea on what it's worth??? Thanks
Daniel there should be two plugs on your pto switch, one that has 3 prongs and one with 2 prongs, unplugging the 2 prong one and see if it still dies I have a 1985 111 and was wondering if anyone knows where I might be able to find a new or used bagger. Also was wondering if other year baggers were compatible. Thanks for your help.
Re: John Deere 111 w/snow blower

Hi,i have a snowblower, but there is 1 piece missing, the double pully drive that mounts to the bottom of the tractor that the belt loops around to go to the p.t.o.
i sure cant use the snowblower with out it.
here are all the numbers that i have if you can help me out.
JOHN DEERE 111, C11J , 143403M , G321K , 451150M , 3204059 20535 , G321K451150M

Ive actually found a picture of the part i need, ive attached it .

Thanks so much, Paul.
Paul k. Ream

Rod Hi:
Just woundering if you found out how to mount your snow blower as I don't know either and think I am missing the bottom pulleys ???
Thanks for any help

JD I just paid $250 for a 112L and though I had a good deal, but now finding that the mower dies when PTO is engaged and blade is lowered.
kyle on the 112L if the engine dies when you engage the pto it because the seat switch may not be working correctly. The mower will start on when you push the brake peddle but the seat switch works backwards (it has to be an open cicuit to work)try just disconnecting it than start the PTO.Remember the seat switch is a safety item and you should never leave it bypassed
heath can a 111 snow blower work on a 214 model?

Matt Stager Ihave a bagger for a jd 160 that may fit.

cheyne I have a 79 john deere 111. I just bought a snowblower and I think it is missing the bottom 2 pully system. Does anyone know where I can find one?
Gaffer I have a snowblower that I bought new in 1990 along with a JD 170 tractor I used it with for years. It looks like it would fit to a 111 tractor. If so I have the manual as to how it attaches.
zach what types of plows/blowers fit into the 111 i am buying a 1984 111

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