JD 318 or 322????

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JD 318 or 322????

JimKW My 1984 JD 214 has seen its days and I need something to finish cutting the grass. I have a chance to get either a 322 or a 318. The 322 has just over 900 hours and the 318 has 720. The guy selling buys and resells older John Deere tractors. He won't sell ones that are lawn mowers as he calls the LT L and LX series. He will take my 214 with 47" deck and snow blower and give me either of these tractors with a snow blade for $2300. Looks wise it's a toss up. Which one would you buy? He said he would rather not take my 214 and I could do better than the $400 he is giving me. Opinion of this too? He has another 322 with 1500 hours, but it is the same price and I thought the hours was too high on that one. It actuall looks a little better than the other two.
Alan Anderson They are both the same garden tractor except for the engine. The 318 is 2 cylinder air cooled and the 322 is a 3 cylinder water cooled.Both are 18 hp.
I like the 318 better because it would be cheaper to repair engine wise if needed further down the road. The 322 has a rad and water pump and hoses, more to go wrong. This is my 2 - bits worth.
Take care and hope which you pick, you are happy with it.

JimKW I bought the 318 for just that reason. I was worried about the cost of maintenance on the 322. Just a lot of stuff to go wrong. Just got done cutting the grass with 318. Does a great job!

Dave Jim - I wish I had seen your original post earlier. Don't get me wrong, the 318 is a great tractor. In fact, I own one and have enjoyed every minute of ownership. But all things being equal, if I had a choice between a 318 and a 322, I would have gone for the 322. The Yanmar engine is virtually bullet-proof, the Onan is not. But the main thing is, CONGRATULATIONS are in order. You, none-the-less, made a good choice. Enjoy the 318! - Dave
JimKW555 Dave, Why would you have gone with the 322? The guy I bought it off of would probably let me change my mind, but I thought I made a good decision. Just wondering why you would rather have a 322 than a 318? Both will start needing maintenance parts and I just thought the 322 with over 900 hours would be more expensive to maintain. Thanks, Jim
Dave Jim - Don't get me wrong, there's nothing at all wrong with a 318. Like I stated, I have one and really enjoy it. It's just the water-cooled 3-cylinder Yanmar gas engine would be my preference. If I had a choice, I'd choose the 322, that's all. I'm not looking to get rid of my 318 to make a change. If you are happy with the 318, and I'm happy with mine, by all means enjoy it. You did make a good choice. And parts are expensive with either tractor. There are way more 318s than 322s, so from that perspective, you are in good company. - Dave
JimKW Cut twice since Friday with the 318, once in the back yard and then recut the front yard a little shorter. Well now the tractor is not running good at low RPM's or idling. Sounds like dirt in the carb. Bot my neighbor and I have have tried adjusting it, but can not get it to smooth out.

I talked to the guy I got it from and he will come and get it and look at the carb and see what it needs. But I asked him if I could still get the 322 instead and he said sure. Just take my time and decide what I want to do. The 318 cut great, my yard has not looked so good for quite some time.

bontai Joe Did you trade you 214 in? And did it have a manual lift or hydraulic lift? He was right in telling you that you probably could get more than $400 for it including the snow blower, depending on condition. I own (2) Deere 316s and given the choice of a 318 or 322, I'd have to see the tractors to make a choice. Both are great machines and use the same attachments. It would be too close a close to pick sight unseen. I hope you get your carb problem fixed easily and enjoy your tractor.
JimKW Well I went today to look at the 322 and decided to keep the 318. It just looks like somebody took better carr of it and the 322 looked kind of ragged out. He had another 322 there that looked practically brand new, but he wanted another $1200 for it. He is going to come and pick up the one I got and work on getting it to idle properly. I think I like this guy better than any dealer I could have bought off of or even a private owner. He's just a really good guy, but you got to be willing to BS for at least 1/2 an hour every time you go to his place.

Oh on my 214. Yeah I probably could have gotten more, but it would have been a hassle and I doubt if I could of got more than $500. He has four or five of the snow blowers sitting in his back yard. Will sell them for cheap if anybody wants one let me know. I don't think they fit anything newer than an 87. My 214 was not in real good shape and it was starting to smoke pretty bad.

bontai Joe With the honest discription of your 214, it sounds to me like you got a good deal with minimum hassle. If the 322 you looked at indicated the previous owner abused it, you made the right choice. Enjoy your 318! It is one of the best tractors ever built.
tim Did this guy have an extra 318 plow? I'm looking for one near SE Michigan.

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