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trying to start but just wont

Prentiss I have a John Deere 300 lawn tractor, I think it is 1970 something, its in really good shape. Tries real hard to turn over but just wont. I replaced the spark plug and It started right up, the next time I tried to start it, it tries real hard but wont start, so I put another new spark plug in it and this time it still wont start. Does anyone know what this may be? Also does this tractor have a fuel filter and were would it be as I thought this might be the issue? Thanks for any help I can get.
ponymare First you say it tries hard to turn over but won't, then you say it tries real hard but won't start. So, does it sound like the battery won't turn it over, or it spins freely but wont fire up? What engine does it have? with the plug laying on a metal part of the engine, is there fire at the plug when you turn it over? The more info you give, the more help you can get.
Prentiss The Engine is a Kholer and I think 16hp as the sticker on engine is worn off. The batter is fine, I am not sure of what you are saying to do with the spark plug exactly. thanks
ponymare Take the spark plug out, hook the plug wire to it, then lay the plug on a metal part of the engine. Crank the engine over, and see if there is fire at the gap in the lower part of the plug. If you have fire, then your problem is something else.
Prentiss I figured that out and tried it, no spark. I brought the coil to A1 electric today and they said that their not sure but doesn't sound like its the coil because normally it will start and then get hot and shut off, and that did not happen. Not sure were to go from here but thanks for the advice so far.
ponymare Does the mower have a fuse, does it have points like a tractor, or just the coil and a magnet on the flywheel? If just the magnets, check the wire from the coil back to the switch for bare spots, it could be grounding. If it has points, check the gap, and clean them, also check wires, make sure the plug wire is ok.
IHTimmy Ponymare sound like you never seen one and your guessing it is Kohler engine check if you have power going to you points
Prentiss Thanks for the advice, I am going to check those things out tomorrow and post if I find anything. have a good one.
ponymare Do what? guessing its a kohler? he said it was.
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