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john deere 355d mower deck

jules watt Hi hope some one can help me, when i start up my mower deck in the up position the blades turn fine as soon as i lower the deck with the hydraulic lever ready for cutting the blades cut out, almost as if i put my foot on the reverse pedal but i dont!! Any suggestions would be brilliant even if involves matches paper and a huge bonfire!! cheers everyone. Jules
Dale Jules is the 355d the same as the GX355, do you have a small diesel engine in yours?

Anyway I have a cd on that one so if your 355d is still giving you the problems on the blade I can help you out on the electrical.

Did you just buy it or have you had it since it was new?

jules watt Hi Dale

Not sure if the models are the same it does have a small diesel engine, it is an old one that a client of mine has had for years. Any help would be much appreciated.

Dale Jules: I looked up the tractors but I can tell you for sure I have had problems in the fusible links with the GX355 as well a 455.

Also are you going forward as the deck is on and does it stay on until you lower it. You have a good one there, almost seems like a wiring issue but those tractors have relays in behind a framework that they are really difficult to change. My problem was the engine fuel hold in coil.

My question is, when the blades are turned on and running and the deck is in the up position can you go forward and reverse without them stopping, after pushing in the RIO switch (reverse) ? While you are setting still and the blades are on and the deck is lowered does the mower blades just stop or does the engine die at the same time?

On the 455's they have a circuit on the transmission charge pump, when the low pressure switch turns on the pto is disengaged. If this one is similar (gX355) I can look at the service disk to see if it has a low pressure switch at the charge pump for the transmission.

Try changing the transmission oil filter, usually that's to late on those but try anyway. I am willing to look at the service disk and help out if I can so the important part is if the mower travels and the mower deck blades still run in the deck up position.

Dale Jules: I just remembered a situation where the lady that purchased the mower was a light 99 pound person. She was 2 hours from the shop and in a mountain area, she kept complaining that when she lowered the deck the mower blades would stop as she was driving.

I went out and the mower ran fine for me but when I watched her drive I noticed the blades shutting off as she was driving down hill as well coming to a stop. She was so light that while mowing downhill she would get light on the seat and the seat switch would unlock the pto circuit.

It could be an intermittent seat switch problem also.

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