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3040 fuel pump timing

Bill Burge Customer has a 3040 which needed a new clutch, was sent to a main dealer to be done, they also altered the fuel pump as a favour to make it start and go better.....It doesnt, its now worse and dealer has washed his hands of it, anyone any ideas how to reset any pump adjustments to std and how to check pump timing without removing timing case
Ive taken one of these pumps off before for specialist repair, but have no idea how to check one thats still in place, all i did before was put it back on where it came off without moving anything.

Dale Bill: Remove the two flat blade screw head screws from the housing of the fuel injection pump. While holding your hand under the window plate and with a white rag, tap off the window plate and catch all the fuel running out. After it is drained look to see if there are any small black rubber like particles in the rag. This is your drive dampener (rubber)and if there are particles take off the outlet check valve on top of the injection pump top cover and clean it out.

Next remove the pin/bolt on the rear of your engine block that goes into the flywheel housing. Rotate the diesel engine in the direction it rotates and then look into the fuel injection pump housing window and slowly rotate the engine until those marks line up. Install the pin end in the rear of the block and it should slide into the hole in the flywheel that times the pump. If it does not line up then loosen the three fuel injection pump housing nuts and rotate the pump housing until the pin and the timing marks align.

Any debris in the injection pump return to tank, (glass check ball) will shut the system down so a restriction will cause low fuel pressure to the rotating member in the fuel injection pump.

Bill Burge Thanks Dale, is this bolt/pin on same side as inj pump? and is it there waiting to be used or is it a special service tool ? sorry to be dense, im not really into deeres, more of a case ih man.

Dale Bill: The pin is on the same side as the injection pump. It is something that came on those Deere Units to set the #1 piston on top dead center as well to set the marks on the injection pump.

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