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JD 5400 Blowing Black Smoke

Don JD 5400 blowing black smoke. Replaced the injection pump and the injectors. Great no smoke..then approx. 25 hours back to blowing black smoke. Will make black ring in the snow while at idle. Only way I have found to stop smoke is to replace the injectors. Any suggestions on what might have happened??
Don Forget to state this is the third set of injectors. Tractor has 1500 hours when new injection pump installed now has 2300 hours.
Butch When was the last time the air filter was repalced?
Don Usually blow out the air filter with air compressor. I will check my maint. records and get back to you with the hours on the tractor when new air filter was put on. Here is a little history on the tractor.
9/23/07 had 1350 hours – John Deere dealer brought to field. In field using cutter never even got the field cut—blowing black smoke. Tractor back to JD Dealer, stated no charge repair made retarded timing. Approx. three months later, blowing black smoke, back to John Deere dealer, said repairs made no charge. No explanation of what was done, asked for receipt and they said no charge no receipt.
At 1500 hours blowing black smoke again. Replaced injectors and injection pump rebuilt by Diesel Fuel Injection Service in business since 1947. Timing marks adjusted back to normal with installation of injection pump, lines are lined up. The only way to get to stop smoking is to replacing the injectors. Since the rebuild of the injection pump have put in 3 set of new injectors. The repair last 25 hours and then back to black smoke. Turbo charger is working.
Tractor used for cutting/baling hay in the summer. Used for feeding hay in the winter, used to put round bales out for cows. Used approximately 170 hours per year. Maintenance is done on tractor, machinist so know how important to keep up with regular maintenance. Tractor has not been abused. Tractor has lost power twice while in the field doing hay.
When you put in the new injectors and do nothing else the black smoke stops immediately. Then with in approx. 25 hours will start smoking again.

Butch Let me have a diesel machanic friend look at what you wrote and I'll get back to you next week.
You got me stumped on this one.

Butch My friend rebuilds any make of truck diesel engines and he has 3 top guys working for him.
One of them should be able to come up with the problem I would think. I won't be in the city they are in until next week.
I would love to know the problem also.
Post anything that you find out.

Butch I taked to the mechanic, he was still there.
He thinks you have a pressure problem to an injector.
He said he would start isulating cylinders to find out which one.
If you would like to talk to him he said it would be ok to give hime a call.
His name is Steve 518-852-7507
Good Luck

Dale Don: The john Deere dealer should run the DTAC for you, that just reports to the factory a situation and they come back with some solutions and it is recorded in your JD history file on tractor serial #.

1) Does the tractor start and idle fine, i.e. does it seem there is an engine load applied that causes the tractor idle to oscillate slightly?

2) As the smoke appears does the tractor show signs of slowing down?

3) Does the tractor smoke the same after starting it up or does it smoke worse in a higher temperature after operating it?

4) Can you hear the turbo spinning as normal through the rpm ranges from low idle to high idle?

Some things to consider as a mechanic is that slight black smoke can be present as the engine load goes higher and pulls the governor back and fuels up the engine but you would hear a slight load on the engine. Same scenario as pulling a hydraulic control lever and holding it beck to dead head the cylinder. That's how the hydraulic oil is warmed up in the cold shop for testing.

If an injector is not spraying by correct atomization then the black smoke has a blur tail so look carefully for any blue smoke.

As Butch suggested the air filter and I do want to warn you about blowing air through the air filter. Anything over 5psi distorts the fibers and allows dirt to enter the engine. In the front of your tractor book they clearly state to not use air, I use hot water with tide soap to wash them out in a bucket. If you have used air on your filter make sure to buy another filter and just for checking rub your finger in the intake tube and check for dust inside the intake.

Black smoke is obviously a problem for you also if you have the down pipe. If the JD shop in your area will not assist you or get the DTAC solution then re-post and I will check it out, I need your PIN # = 13 digits long for the correct #.

Like Butch I am also interested in knowing what is up. On the newer tractors they have a cold start sensor that fuels the pump up slightly when cold and that is located in the water circuit and plugged in by the fuel pump.

Dale Don; my 5420 has the cold start sensor, it went out and blew the tractor fuel solenoid fuse. The dealer said it was a common thing and just to unplug it cause I am in a tropical environment.

Try unplugging the cold weather start by the fuel pump. It is the one that goes to the sensor right above the pump and screws into the water jacket.

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