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JD 410D problems backward

Juan Marchese I have a JD 410 D backhoe when I try to go backward and get to a steep hill it looses power and stop, it only works forward.Thanks for your help.
Dale Juan; The reverser clutch pack may have some leaking O-rings. This is the lever on the left side of the steering wheel. It is called a reverser, there are two clutches that are hydraulically activated at low pressure from the transmission pump. The reverser allows forward to reverse without using the clutch valve pedal.

Two things to do, does the machine perform the exact same when it is started and ran for 5 minutes as it performs after the machine has warmed up? Next idle the machine in forward and see if it idles up an incline of some type in low gear and then do the same in reverse.

#1) transmission oil pump pressure needs to be checked so go get a cheap oil pressure gauge that goes up to 200 pounds, the clutch packs run a around 175psi but yours may be less so check that if you have the tools.

#2) From experience of 40 years working on those yellow JD machines you are looking at replacing shift valve seals and most likely the reverse pack O-rings. Otherwise you can remove the transmission oil filter and cut the ends off, pull out the filter element and cut it so it unfolds like an accordion bellow. Look carefully because if the reverse clutch plates are worn you will see them in the creases of the filter.

The filter works by filtering on the outside diameter to the inside diameter and then into the transmission reservoir. So the outside of the filter in the crack v's will tell you just what is going on in the transmission for wear.

If there is no clutch materials and the filter is free of transmission metal you can pretty much figure the reverse pack has not worn out but simply O-rings need replaced.

Should you need any additional info write back on the forum.

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