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jd 310 b fuel in crankcase

phil hudson just had injector pump rebuilt, installed and ran engine for 20 mins. dipsticks shows aprox. 1 in. fuel above full mark on dipstick. i know about the 2 seals on the injector drive shaft and was real careful on the insall. i disconnect the fuel line. if this seal is damaged i know fuel will leak in crankcase with engine not running. is there any other way fuel can enter case. the engine ran fine,both low and high rpm? thanks for any help phil
Dale Phil when you changed the butterfly seals did you happen to change the bronze bushing in the front of the fuel injection pump housing. I have replaced those seals many times and have found a groove about an inch back on the inner bore of that pump shaft bushing. Look really good and if you can catch your fingernail in the bushings inside bore, replace the bushing.

I take a tap and thread the bushing then screw in a large bolt and hold it in the vice while heating the housing slightly with a small propane torch at the bushing location. The bushing will come out easily when you tap on the housing flange of the pump housing.

How about your transfer pump, it could also leak into the engine oil if the diaphragm is leaking.

phil hudson having had the pump rebuilt i think the bushing was replaced but could warrant another insp. if i connect the fuel line back up and fuel gets in the crankcase with out the engine running i assume this would mean taking another look at the pump????? or maybe i should replace fuel transfer pump first. not trying to cut corners i just want it fixed....... phil
Dale Phil: You indicate fuel leaking into the engine without the engine running, is that correct?

Anyway look on your service invoice of the pump rebuild and that should tell you about the parts installed. What I do know that even if your experienced and need to slide those umbrella seals into the bushing bore that has a ridge deep inside your going to roll the seal going in first. You should have noticed that situation when installing the injection pump.

The pump would go on and then feel like it had slight tension on preventing it from sliding on freely. If this is your first one just expect to again remove the injection pump and carefully and gently slide the pump shaft into the pump housing, when their good they go right together with little resistance.

The tractor must run fine, is it simply the fuel in the crankcase?

phil hudson dale thanks for ur help.. one more time. after having the pump rebuilt, i installed the pump and did roll the seal ,fuel did go to the crankcase without engine run.. so i removed the pump again and found the damaged seal, however i did not ck the busing but the i assumed the rebuilder did ?? so after second install i ran engine 20 min's to find fuel in crankcase. i disconnted the fuel line then. i have not reconnect fuel line to see if fuel will get in the crankcase not running.. if it does i assume its time to take of the pump again and inspect the seal and bushing.. do you think this is the correct way to eliminate supply pump ?? thanks again phil/
Dale Phil; the only other place the fuel could enter into the crankcase is the fuel transfer pump. The transfer pump can be checked by pumping the fuel prime lever while holding your finger over the outlet tube as to seal the outlet tube. Pump the fuel transfer pump and then wait a few seconds and see if the pressure holds. This is not the shop way we use a low pressure gauge. The transfer pump needs to hold pressure for a few seconds and I have seen them hold up to 1 minute on a new one.

The injection pump fills the case of the injection pump when this lever on the transfer pump is levered back and forth. You may have to just remove the injection pump again and check the bushing, it could be loose in the bore and needs knurled on the outer surface and re-installed. most of the time seals are rolled is due to the wear ring that forms in the bushing inner bore and people miss it when they don't install a new bushing. The groove is back in almost to the rotating members of the injection pump.

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