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John Deere 3010 Hydraulic problem, Brakes too

Jamie I was hoping for some advise with my 1969 JD 3010. I recently changed the hyd. oil, filter, and cleaned the screens giving my issues a little relief by my problems are back and worse. The bucket shudders often, the bucket moves slow and now my brakes keep locking up! Letting it run for a while has been solving the brake issue but it seems unpredictable. I count on this tractor to feed my beef through the winter and I'm nervous its going to fail on me when I really need it this winter. Any ideas?
Dale G. Basgall Jamie on those systems the brakes and steering get priority oil before any of the loader or rockshaft piston. What's different is your brakes locking up that's kind of different meaning the brakes lock up when the pistons don't release so it's possible your brake valve is loosing oil, maybe you have a piston o-ring in the brake piston bore that is sticking a piston when you apply the brakes but without the brake pedal pressed there should be no oil going to the pistons in the brake housings.

Shuddering is usually air in hydraulic system when the hydraulic pump inlet check ball allows the hydraulic oil to run back into the transmission case when the tractor sets. Slow hydraulics can be checked by finding out the charge pressure from the transmission pump.

Do the brakes lock up after their free and your just driving the tractor? Also raise the loader bucket as you are rotating the steering wheel. Let us know if it get's harder to turn when the loader bucket is raised.

Jamie Brakes only lock up when I first start it up. Once I get them free, usually by going back and forth or just leaving it running, they never lock up again. If i am using the bucket sometimes the steering will shudder at the same time. Any ideas?
Juan Marchese I have a JD 410 D backhoe if when its moving backward and get to a steep slope it stops and dont move, only forward

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