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JD 770 not starting

KPH I have 1989 vintage 770 that had been sittting for three months (doesnt get used much anymore). Went to start it and all i got was click.(no wonder)so i charged battery cleaned connections,and achieved 12.43 volts! Put it back in machine and all i got was rapid clicking from starter,engine did not turnover. So I am assuming battery good enough to start at least.and headlights work by the way.What is my next step?everything worked fine last time i used it. thanks
SD Check the ground cable where it bolts on the
frame or engine. They get lose and rusted over
a period of time. That causes a bad connection,
then you get what you have described. Also a bad
battery can read over 12 volts after a charge,
but not have enought amps to crank the tractor.

joe take a peice of wire and jump it from the positve of the battery to the smaller triger wire on the starter, ensure its not in gear as this will bypass all the key circuits and power the starter, if it cranks you have a fault in ignition circuit, if not the solenoid or feild windings in the starter are faulty, good luck
KPH SD you were right on with your diagnoses, I was thinking my next step was to explore ground strap integrety, but before i did that went to battery warehouse where gentleman told me battery was bad. He explained even though volts readings were good doesn't mean battery strong enough to start, (guess id better get hydrometer next time?)and reread battery testing section again! Anyhow it started right up and runs fine. Thanks for responding.
KPH i just have to figure out why hydraulics are whining when i turn steering wheel. It was only a 20 degree day and hasn't been used in months but sounded worse then i ever remember....

KPH Joe it turned out battery was bad, got a new one and it cranked right over.If that wasn't the case i was going to try your suggestion next. thanks KPH.

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