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how to remove broken manifold screws?

Joe Hi,

I have 1952 JD-M. I bought new manifold. Broke two of the manifold bolts (7/16 dia) flush with the block during the removal "operation." This thing has never been apart and I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for me..besides drilling and trying screw-extractor (I am guessing that won't work either...just like everything I tried to remove the screws before I broke heads off then bought expensive stud renmover ...which promptly broke the studs flush with the block?)

jordan Have you tried heating them up then drilling them out? I had 2 bolts flush with my engine block on an old GMC truck, heated them, drilled into them, went to pull the drill into reverse and they came out enough to grab with a pair of vice grips.
You can buy bolt/screw extractors that attach to your drill, they work very well if used correctly.

another thing you can do is become friends with a welder (or become one) and weld a stud or nut to the bolt so you can use a ratchet to remove them, that may not work very well for flush bolts though, I have done that a couple times for really stubborn bolts...

bontai Joe I use the three "P"s
Penetrating oil
and you can't use too much of any of these. I've worked as long as a couple of weeks working a bolt loose by applying penetrating oil, putting pressure on it to turn and then let it sit until the next day and repeat the process.

John There is the easy way and the hard way. I have best results using a milling machine. Pickup the center of the bolt (filed or ground down flat) then drill it out .030 smaller than the minor dia. of thread (for example a 3/8 ths thread minor dia. is 5/16 ths, so drill about .275) . Then get a left hand drill bit of the same dia. as the thread minor dia. Run drill or machine in reverse and the broken pieces usually spin right out. This will also work with a hand drill but requires some skill and care.
Joe Thanks to all for your helpful suggestions. Tried everything suggested. Nothing worked. Eventually took grinder and cut off old manifold, drilled smaller diameter hole through center of broken screws, tapped & installed smaller diameter studs & fitted new manifold ok. That did it. Whew!

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