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John Deere 11 PTO

Bob E I have a John Deere 111 lawn tractor. Runs great, however when I engage the PTO for the cutting blades, it will mow for 2-3 minutes and the PTO then shuts off which stops the blades. The engine continues to run fine. If I turn off the PTO, wait a minute and turn it back on it works again for a minute or so and then shuts off again. Process repeats...takes a long time to mow 2 acres at this pace LOL....Anyone have any ideas what the problem is and a fix? Thanks...Bob
bontai Joe Sounds like you have a PTO clutch with an internal short that appears when it gets hot (expands). My guess it's time for a new clutch. Do you have a ohm meter? You can test for continuity thru the PTO's coil when cold and again when it gets hot and quits.
miguel a alvarado same problem i have? plus, pto switch is bad..
Dale G. Basgall men ; this is not in the book but, if you have any lights on the tractor that work turn them on and look at the brightness, if they are dim your battery may not be as charged when it is at 12.7vdc or higher but anyway take a piece of 18ga wire a couple feet long and put a spade connector that will fit into the PTO clutch connector spade, I think it's a .250spade.

Unplug the connector from the PTO clutch that is close to the PTO coil.

Install this to one of the terminals on the PTO clutch coil spade connector, it doesn't matter which wire terminal, the coil is simply wound from one wire and it is not internally connected to ground or should not be, unless there is a burnt coil.

Now take the other end of the 18ga. wire and touch it to the positive (+) battery terminal. If it sparks the coil is shorted internally. When this happens the wire is shorter so to speak and less resistance than from the internal windings of the PTO coil and to the outer housing of the PTO coil which grounds it somewhat in a shorted condition.

If the wire does not spark or heat up then fasten that end to the + battery terminal. Take another piece of 18ga. wire and install a spade onto one end and install it to the other spade of the PTO coil connector and now turn on the lights on the machine or take an old headlight and put jumpers on it to the battery on the machine, this is just to indicate a voltage drop without a meter.

Next is to watch the light glow and touch the end of the wire to the ground of the battery. If it dims alot and the coil wires heat up then without a meter you can most likely judge if the problem is the battery or the PTO coil.

When the light is illuminating light it has a side effect of heating up. I think an old headlight is around 3-4 amps and the coil in the PTO should use around a half amp to an amp worst case scenario. Like bontai said you really need a meter but PTO clutches cut out when system voltage goes below 8 volts and with a system charging not quite enough it could be using current until a battery drop at the PTO clutch coil goes low below 8vdc when the engine is running.

If the light goes real dim when the wires are attached to the battery and pto it may be a low battery.

Anyway keep us posted.

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