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STX 38

Leon C. Gas in the oil. runs missing out. How is the gas getting into the oil? Help me please
Dale G. Basgall Leon: I have found that fuel in the oil, when there is actually alot more oil when you check it than it had and you find it very thin and burns easily with a match that;

the solenoid fuel shutoff under the bowl of the carburetor has been disabled or is not there and that the gas tank is a gravity feed not under the seat tank and the fuel was left on.

Sometimes it happens when someone hauls the mower over a bumpy road and the float in the carburetor is bouncing up and down inside and leaking fuel from the float bowl into the carburetor. Also if the fuel float is stuck will cause that problem also.

If it runs missing out does it smoke black from the exhaust? I had that problem twice where the bolt retaining the air filter fell down inside the carb and locked the choke on full.

bontai Joe Dale pretty much covered how the gas could get into your oil, but didn't mention that you shouldn't run this engine until you drain the contaminated oil out and replace it with fresh oil. The oil/gas mixture does not lubricate well, and can cause engine damage in a short time.
Kathy We have just put in a new battery on our lawn tractor and we have had a problem with the battery not keeping a charge. We charged the battery, my husband cut the lawn and then when he was going to restart it to put it away it was totally dead and just clicked. What could this be? Also is there anyway to get a manual on this lawn tractor?
bontai Joe Kathy, you can get an owner's manual and a service (aka shop) manual from your local Deere dealer. Your battery may not be recharging because it's old/defective. You can have it "load checked" usually for free at most of the chain auto parts stores. Also check the wire connections at the battery that they are clean, corrosion free at BOTH ends of each wire. If you have a DC volt meter and know how to use it, check the voltage between the battery posts when running, should be around 14 to 14 1/2 volts DC, with the engine off, should be 12 to 12 1/2 volts dc. If you are not getting 14 volts when running, the possibility exists that the internal charging system is not working properly.
david can you tell me what is wrong my stx 38 lawn mower tractor?

it starts but shut off engine when i try to shift gear.

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