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JD 345 mower occasionally disengages while cutting.

Rick Franklin Hello, I have a 1999 JD 345 with 665 hrs. and I am the original owner. Recently, while mowing the mower will occasionally just disengage and drop out of operation. Thinking of parts worn out, I recently replaced the dashboard PTO paddle and switch. I checked the seat safety switch for continuity and that seems to be working OK. The two wire connector for the front drive pully located on the right side frame was dirty, I cleaned and repositioned the wires back into their connectors too. The 20 HP Kawasaki liquid cooled engine runs fine and with no problems. Does anyone have any ideas what else can be causing the mower to "just drop out, while mowing"? Maybe there is a safety switch that I am missing? Thanks.
Dale G. Basgall Rick : I have a story for this one, cost me a 5 hour trip and service call work just to find out that when the lady bought the new 345 at the shop ran great and the salesman let her go.

Next we get phone calls from the lady saying that the mower cuts off while mowing and after the third call I went out to the location 3 hours drive and when she operated the mower sure enough the mower blades would cut off.

It cut off though while she was going downhill slightly while turning either right or left.

She was only about 85pounds and while going downhill and turning she slightly lifted off the seat enough that the seat safety switch would intermittently cut out the blades.

On a John Deere mower as you are setting on the seat with the engine running and the seat switch working properly, you can engage the mower deck blades by pulling the pto switch and turning on the electricity to the pto clutch and it will get the system voltage (12vdc). This produces an electromagnet strong enough in the coil winding of the pto clutch to pull the clutch plate together with the rotating engine pulley.

At anytime you get off the seat the engine should stop running until you are back on the seat. You should have a relay on the ignition switch board behind the key panel and those led lights red and green should indicate what circuit is not working properly.

Rare cases of pto clutch failure due to drawing to much current will work but intermittently cut out but that requires a volt ohm meter digital preferred.

If you need more assistance write back on the forum.

Rick Franklin Thank you for responding to my JD 345 question Mr. Basgall. There is the possibility that the seat switch has worn out since the JD 345 is now 11 years old. I am pretty sure my body weight is positoned on the seat properly, since the ground mowing is mostly level. I do notice thou, the mower cuts off on both level and semi-rough ground. It usually takes a running time of about 30 minutes or more before the problem starts. I did change out the main drive belt and (3) idler pulleys this Spring. Could the main drive belt replacement have any impact now on the mower disengaging while cutting? Finally..Does anyone have any ideas of what steps to do to diagnose and solve the mower problem? Thanks,
leon put a jumper wire in the seat switch
robbynne I'd be interested in knowing what the red and green LED's denote? I can find nothing in the technical documentation was to their significance.


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