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JD 4600 fuel in oil

Ted Have a 4600 that seems to be getting fuel in the oil. I have changed out the lift pump twice, so it doesn't seem to be that. (had a problem with the lift pump a couple years ago getting fuel into the crankcase) Where else can this be coming from. It runs fine. The only symptom is the oil level going up after a few hours of running.
thepumpguysc Inline Simms pump?? Worn plunger and barrels[pumping units inside pump] or loose top nuts [delivery valve holders]special splined socket torque to 45 ftlbs..if its black smoking, maybe a stuck open injector..
let me know if i can help further..

Ted It isn't smoking. So all that you listed there part of the injector pump? How do I tell what kind it is?
thepumpguysc Sorry I had a brain frt...Its not a Simms pump..
I was thinking ford 4600..
I believe you have a Yanmar engine [4tne?} I would start w/ the lift pump AGAIN. You can pressure test it by, removing it from the pump, plugging off the "outlet" and pressurizing the inlet w/a little air and check for a leak at the back side..squirt a little soap and water on it and look for bubbles
If the leak is as bad as you stated [noticable after a few hrs} you should have no problem seeing a leak at the SP.
IF no leak there, its internal [in the injection pump]

Ted Did the test on the pump and it had no bubbles. What are the possibilities on the injection pump? Anything that is easy to test and/or fix?
thepumpguysc You could try to RETORQUE the top is very common for them to come loose BUT they MUST BE TORQUED..35 ftlbs..Remove the injector lines from the top nuts,loosen the 2 hold down clamps and torque. Harbor freight/ Northern tool sell a very inexpensive torque wrench..[$20.00] for "around the house" use..
You could remove the side cover from the injection pump [4 screws] and run the engine and see if its dripping fuel internally..
I would start with the top nuts FIRST..

You rock! that may have been it. first two on the left were tight,but when I took the clamp off the second two,it was loose. the third nut from the left was loose. the last nut was still tight. hope this fixes it. won't be able to test it for sure till tomorrow.

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