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LA175 leaving two strips of uncut grass

Mike My JD LA175 (54" deck 3 blades) is leaving two thins strips of uncut grass. I went ahead and replaced the three blades but not any better. I am guessing that there is a gap between the blades causing the strips but how can this happen out of the blue. And not be fixed by new blades. SHould the blades overlap each other, but be mounted so that they never touch? I can't figure out this problem. The strips are either in line with the outer edges of the center blade or are in line the the outside blades center mounting area.(i haven't actually measured)
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


bontai Joe The blades are not mounted upside down? They are sharp? How tall is the grass? And how fast are you mowing?
Mike No, the blades are not upside down. I have my own bench grinder so they are sharp. They are also only a month old(blades). I don't think speed is the issue. I mow as fast as it will let me, but if you know the LA175 that isn't very fast.
The grass is not very tall. I suppose 4-5 inches. Not an issue.
When I turn the (3)blades manually, should they all line up like this:
Or should they be in a different position like this:
/ - \

bontai Joe Blade allignment would make no difference as these are driven by a "V" type belt and will wander out of what ever position you try to set them in. I am going to assume that these are the correct length for your deck, but are these aftermarket blades, or Deere brand? Has the deck been bent in any way from hitting something? I have read about this problem in Deere 54" decks on other sites and don't recall a solution.
Jim R. This time of year, at least here in FL. the composition, texture and toughness of the grass gets more more dense or stringy, in general harder to cut clean.I have to slow the ground speed, and sometimes follow a different pattern.

If this happened though "all at once" kind of points to some catostrophic kind of thing.

Proper attitude and adjustment of decks are important too.

Maybe a spindle bearing getting dry or on it's way out. Belt worn to the tolerance point maybe.
Tensioner spring or tensioner adjustment, all possibilities.


royontheroad there is no timing the blades. there maybe about a finger thickness between the blades. that's normal. whats important are they level to each other comparing blade tip to tip. is the deck level from front to back. approximately 1/8" lower in the front than back. do you run the engine wide open? if not you need to. is the deck clean of any build up? can you verify engine top rpms? could be throttle out of adjustment

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