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'84 JD 318 - turn key and nothing

Kurt My 318 was running fine - got the grass cut. Then stopped it outside the garage. Went to start it again and nothing. No click, nothing. Battery is charged, connections appear to be fine. Something in the ignition switch? I have a volt meter - what(where located) should I test and at what position of the key? Thanks!!
Alan Kurt,
This is what I do to my 83 JD318 when it does the same as yours.
Open the hood and check the two fuses in the fuse holders in line.If this doesn't work then.
Now reach down under the dash and pull the wire harness that plugs on the back of the ignition moving it back and forth to get better contact.
It should start now has for me.
Make sure the PTO switch is turned off. Make sure the shift lever is in neutral. It could also be the safety switch under the seat.

Kurt So, before I tried the suggestions above I re-tried the tractor. Now I got faint lights on the dash and a second or two of very strained clicking - didn't sound like it was coming from the starter though. Tried again and lights on dash but no clicking at all. Checked fuses, wiggled the ignition plug and still nothing but the two lights on on the dash. Battery is at 12v. What is the small black box (approx 2" x 1" x 4") under hood between battery and dash? Slight clicking may have been from there???? Help please! Thanks.
bontai Joe Current symptoms seem to indicate a battery problem. Might show 12 volts, but may not have enough amps to turn the motor over. I believe that box you descripe as clicking is the starter solenoid. It's job is when activated by you turning the key to start, to allow full current from the battery to go to the starter. But before you buy any new parts, check first that all the wires are tight and have clean corrosion free connections on the starter, starter solenoid, and battery. Check also the negative battery cable at BOTH ends for a clean tight connection.
Kurt Joe - appears that you are right - as always. Got down in under the battery and it appears that the positive from the solenoid has been rubbed bare and is grounding out. Also battery cables ends in bad shape. So....I've ordered new cables and since I'm at it, and the tractor is 26 years old, decided to go ahead and get a new circuit breaker, new solenoid, and a new ignition switch. Figured its not that much money and its probably time these other things started to fail anyway. Thanks for the help.

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