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JD 5525 losing power

Charlie My John Deere 5525 loses power whenever it hits a rough spot in the field while round baling. The rpm drops as soon as the tractor hits a rough spot then picks up after I get pass the rough area. I suspect the tractor is sucking air when the going gets rough. At times when idling the rpm flucuates as well. Lots of rough fields so any advice appreciated.
Mike Put a clear plastic line on the return line to check for air in the system. That is just one of a long list of checks on those engines, most of which need special tools, and know-how.
Jim R. Hi Charlie,
Many years ago I had one of those big Ox JD8430 articulated beasts. The main fuel line, steel line, had a crack in it, way in the bowels of the frame of the tractor. It just about drove me crazy until I found it. Went through filters, a new hand primer, new end fittings, you name it. Everything always seemed to be the fix, for a day or two, then it would all start over again. Starving for fuel, until I finally found it. New steel line fixed it forever. That problem anyway. When I found it, it so much dirt and grass and crap in it, I still don't know how it ran at all.

Don't get me started on all of the problems that brand new tractor had, at that time was about a $130,000 tractor in the late 70's.

Jim R.

Gene Charlie:

Been there and done that and fixed it. I have a JD 5520 that had that problem and finally got to the bottom of it. The problem is in the fuel system feeding the injector pump. 1) Replace the fuel line that leads to the fuel filter from the tank. The original one goes bad. 2) Disconnect the current fuel line from the tank and add a larger drain line to the tank, putting a strainer into the tank to filter out any crap that might plug up the line. One of the strainers that have holes perforated the length of the filter will work fine, as not one little piece of crap will plug it and stop fuel flow. I also put in a removable in-line filter into the new fuel line close to the tank. That solved the problem - but, beware of another concern and you can help yourself by keeping the fuel tank 1/2 full or greater - the siphon system sucks and I understand JD will add a fuel pump which will solve all the nit picking tiny leaks that cause your tractor to lose prime on fuel system. I may do that extra step sometimes, but doing the other steps will fix your immediate problem. Made a WORLD of difference as far as engine performance. Good luck.

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