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JD2010 Will not stay started

Scott Moore Have a 1963 JD2010 that will not stay going. When I first start it up, starts up fine without any problems. As I let it warm up and push in the choke, will stay going for a very short time then dies. Pull choke out and will start up with no problem again. If I try to move it with choke out or in she dies.
Couple of years ago I had a similar problem and the mechanic said it was the ignition switch. Changed it and had no problems since then.
Could this be the same problem again or something else. Points, wires and plugs not 1.5 years old.
I did notice that the ballaster on the ignition switch is very hot.
Would appreciate any help please


Leonard Okay, first things first. Your ballast resister will get hot. Check the simple things first as in make sure your points and condenser are dry. No moisture! Make sure your distributor cap is dry and not cracked.Check the rotor and make sure it is in good condition. Establish that you have good fire all the way through your spark plugs. However, I doubt that any of this is your problem. The fact that you can make it run with the choke out tells me it is most likely starving for fuel. Change your filter first and then progress from there. Make sure you are getting fuel from your tank through the fuel line to your fuel pump. Check your fuel pump itself. you may need to have it pressure tested. Then move on to the carburetor. A clear fuel flow is a must. If none of this helps to get you going, I would then go into the carburetor and see if there is dirt or varnish buildup. Check the float, needle and seat for being stuck or anything that could cause your carb to starve for fuel. If you are not comfortable doing any of this, then by all means contact your mechanic. Hope this helps and good luck.
Sheila I am having simular problem. My JD 2010 will run until it gets hot, then bogg down and stop running. Choking will keep it going just a bit longer, but not much, then nothing until it cools off. Where can I get instructions for rebuilding the carb?
Leonard Hi Sheila, Your best bet is to remove the carb and take it to a Deere dealer or a good mechanic for help. One question I have for you is the "Hot"condition you described. If your tractor is bogging down after it gets hot it may not be your carburetor. Is your Temperature gauge working? Does it indicate a hot condition for your engine? Or is there a Heat warning lamp lit on your dash? Check your cooling system to make sure it is in good operating condition. An over heated engine will do what you are describing. Make sure this is okay before you work on the carb. Another thing you might have is a "Vapor Lock" condition. Check your fuel lines and make sure they are in a proper position in relation to anything with a lot of heat. Namely exhaust or hydraulic lines. Even the engine block can produce enough heat to cause this. What happens is your fuel becomes vapor inside the heated lines and starves your carb for fuel. Thus the name "Vapor Lock". Good Luck

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