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John Deere 2305 battery dies and turn signals quit

Tim Watson I have a 2305 that is almost 3 years old, a few days ago was using tractor and turned off key and it would not start back. It started fine that day and the charging kight has never came on. Jumped it off and it started fine however was working along road and turned on flashing turn signals and then I could not get the lights to go off. Turned off light switches, ignition switch and they still would not go off. Tractor still would not restart, jumped it off again and while driving it to my shop the lights went off?? Battery would not start tractor even if you put a charger on it with boost. Replaced battery @ $119.66 and now the tractor starts fine. However my turn signals don't work. I checked the flasher/relay JD# LVU800247 and it had power going to it but nothing out, could jumper across the wires( positive in to out going to lights and the lights would flash. So I replaced this flasher/relay @ $81.32 and my park lights work but still no turn signals or dual flashing lights. Also I still do not have power going to my turn signal switch either. Has anyone seen this before or could guide me on where to start?
mark gibson I am having the same problem but my battery is not going down. My warning ,turn signals and turn signal indicators in the dash don't light up. My tractor is about the same age did u find the problem?
Mary Klinge I have a 3 yr old model John Deere 2305 tractor and when I shut it off it would not re-start..Bought a new battery now the battery light wont come on and there is no juice getting to the battery to recharge it..Had the alternater tested and is working just fine. Can't find any help on wiring system..
Mary Klinge Talked to a rep at John Deere and he said if lights are not coming on or staying on you may have loose screw connectiions going to the circuit board..does anyone know where the circuit boards are??
Tim Watson One dealer I talked to said there are three fuseable links near the starter and I have not had a chance to check them yet to see if they are blown. He said that is where the turn signal gets their power from after they leave the relay/flasher.
Mark Andrews Glad I checked this site. I have the same problem--wondered if there was a solution. I have a 2305 three years old and was bagging grass & leaves. I stopped and couldn't get it started when I came back out. The battery seems fine (charged it and cleaned the cables anyway). The 40Amp fuse looks fine as does the starter fuse. Any help would be greatly appreciated before I call the dealer.
Tom H I had a similar problem with my 2305. Turn signals, flasheers and charging system not working. I solved my problem by replacing a small diode. There are three small diodes that plug into sockets that come out of a main power cable that runs on the right side & parallel to the stearing column. They are black and taped tightly to the power cable so you have to look closely. An ohm meter can be used to check the diodes. I replaced the bad one for $8.25 and everything is working great now.
Jim Byrd I'm having the same problem on my 2008 J.D. 2305. No turn siginals or Flashers. You can hear the flasher clicking but no flashing lights on the tractor or dash. I have replaced the four Diodes along the steering column at a cost of $9.00ea. My next step is to replace the flasher at $87.00. If this doesn't work, I'm out of ideals except take the tractor to the dealer, and I don't want to do this because everytime I take it the cost runs $200 and more just in man hours. Can someone help me solve this problem ?
Jim I have a 2008 2305 John Deere. The signal and flasher lights quit working. You could hear the blinker switch blinking but no lights! I replaced the flasher unit, the 4 large diodes down next to the steering column and still no lights finally found a forum that said to replace the 3 small diodes down next to the steering column. The first diode I replaced fixed my problem. While I had the tractor apart I went ahead and replaced the other two diodes. Replacing the diodes at $9.00 each (x7 diodes) $63.00 dollars and replacing the flasher unit at $93.00. The total cost for my repair was $156.00. Had I took the tractor to the dealer it would have been 3 times that much because the labor charge is $85.00 per hour. Had I found the forum first, I would have replaced only the one diode. It was the small black diode on the top of the wiring harness next to the steering column that was giving me the problem. I hope this helps someone. If you need additional help please feel free to contact me at: Thank to this forum for all the help it has given me!!
Ray Shova Thanks a lot almost bought the flasher fixed it with just the diode great job thanks
Paul Chapman Thank you for your help ! Having same problem with our 2305
John Deere Tractor can hear flasher clicking but no flasher lights

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