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8630 transmission problems

Terry If anyone has information on why a quad-range transmission starts slipping when under a full load, please let me know. When I checked the rear unit, it showed to be over full. We just got this machine and I have no clue where anything is yet. Learning curve will apply here. Thanks
bill there are no clutches in the driveline from the hinge area rearward. it's all gears. if it's slipping, it would have to be clutches. either the main clutch (connected to the flywheel) or the two speed. it's in the front hinge area in front of and connected to the top drive shaft. both are hydraulicly operated. does it slip in b3 and not b4 or the other way around. lets back up a little. does your transmission lite come on when it's slipping? or any other time? jd did mods on these tractors and i can't remember about the guage in front of the shifter. if you lose hydraulic charge pressure you may lose clutch operating pressure and clutches will slip.
first thing to try is filters. one on the left side of transmission. the other is in the hinge area. it's also on the left.(trurn tractore to the right will give you more room.

Kevin I also would suspect a poor clutch. And on these I think the tractor has to be slit to change. If changing filters, don't forget the screen(right next to the hydraulic filter at the rear, is a plug that you use a socket drive to loosen) there is a screen in there! You will loose a lot of oil fast, so catch it in a clean bucket!
corey I have a clunking noise in A range foward and reverse in B & C range no noise in foward and noise in reverse D range no noise in foward
barne hydraulic oil will not return from front compartment to rear (tranie and diff) compartment
Abe Likely hydraulic fluid flow problem. Clean all three screens and I mean all three of them don't miss one. Replace clutch filter and hydraulic filter. Post up what you find in the screens.

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