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Faster John deere 4010 tractor

timfox123 We have a 4010 John Deere tractor and it spends the summers going from farm to farm with equipment. We would like to get about 1/3 more ground speed so we could get about 40 mph or more out of it.

We know it may be unstable, we have a plan to fix that. What we need is the speed without undue cost of bad reliability. We were thinking about re gearing the tranny but John Deere says that is not possable. They say it is impossible to get over 25 mph out of any tractor.

thepumpguysc Tim, I can tell you how to turn the IP up and tell you how to turn the rpm's up but the gearing is gonna be an issue..
Let me know if I can help.. TPG

bontai Joe I gotta believe that it would be easier, cheaper and safer to trailer this machine from farm to farm. You just might get the speed you are looking for, but you also need to be able to STOP this set up while on the road. Typically, tractor brakes are marginal at best, and won't handle the speed you are talking about.
Leonard I hesitated in commenting on this when I first saw the post. However!! When Bontai Joe said what I was thinking, I could no longer keep quiet. I totally agree with Bontai Joe on this. Knowing how a John Deere tractor is built inside and thinking about you attempting to drive this tractor at 40 MPH and then attempting to stop it!! Come on man!!!! This is plain foolish! Put it on a trailer!
bill sure you can put bigger/faster gears. just build a complte transmission/differential case. of course it would be cheaper to buy another tractor so you won't have to move them.
you could get some 10 feet tall tires on it. that would make it go fast!! and you wouldn't have to regear.
Wile E. Coyote says to strap ACME ROCKET POWERED rollerskates to it.
don't forget to say " hay yall, watch this!" before you start.
sheeeesh! and people wonder why farmers are called dumb.
as far as brakes, deere discs will stop anything, but the tires won't. remember, you're probably runnin' Firestones! let me know where you live, i'm runnin' the other direction!!! ohhh yeah!
there's a "tow" position on the shifter,,,push it with a Dodge dieseL. I hear those things got the power and the smoke to do it.

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