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Deere GT225 Traction Belt Replacement

Sam Bigelow I replaced the belt M146667 this past weekend and wanted to share the steps that worked for me. I did not need to remove either the hydrostatic transmission fan or the PTO clutch.

1. Place tractor on jack stands front and rear with rear wheels and tires removed.
2. Remove M120361 tensioning spring from idler pulley plate.
3. Remove old M146667 traction belt.
4. Detach spark plug wire.
5. Remove both idler pulleys (one nut is standard, the other metric)
6. Unplug PTO clutch connector
7. Detach steering rod at left front wheel and slide new belt over it. Reattach rod.
8. Pass belt over plastic fan at rear transmission and position next to but not on pulley. Gain access via right rear wheel well and from rear by pulling out hydraulic fluid overflow reservoir and pushing to the right side.
9. Pass belt over PTO clutch and put on engine pulley.
10. Reach in and start belt on left-hand side of transmission pulley. Have a second person turn the engine crankshaft from underneath with a ratchet wrench and socket while you feed the belt onto the pulley. Belt is now on the transmission and engine pulleys.
11. Re-install idler pulleys.
12. Re-attach idler tensioning spring. It runs from notch in idler pulley plate forward to the round rod (brake pedal?). You may want to tie a line to the spring and pull it over the rod.
13. Mount wheels (65 ft-lb of torque).
14. Re-attach spark plug wire.

bontai Joe Nice clear instructions! Thanks for posting this. About how long did it take you including jacking it up to getting it back on the ground?

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