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John Deere 2030 - Engine starts, runs awhile and dies

Stewart I have a 1974 John Deere 2030 diesel tractor and the engine dies after running a couple of minutes. I've been battling the problem for a year. I've had the fuel pump rebuilt and the problem still happens. It starts and runs great for a couple of minutes and dies like you've turned the switch off. Let it set a couple of minutes and it'll start and run another minute of so and die again. Anyone had a similar problems in the past? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

John Heine I sounds like a common problem the return fuel is not returning to tank.Does engine start to slow down then stop?The governor ring goes bad material plugs check valve.If pump was rebuilt that should not be problem.
Richard We had a simular problem with our 2030. we found that some trash had got into the fuel tank and had settled on the bottom of the tank over the fuel shut off valve.after removing the tank and cleaning it out and while we were at it blew out the fuel line from the fuel filter back to the tank everything worked fine.
Daryl Barber Sounds like the fitting at the pump that the return line is on is plugged up. remove the return line and the fitting, you will probably see a small glass ball in the fitting. use a small punch and drive the ball and spring out of the fitting (it is part of the antidrain back system and running without it will not hurt the machine) reassemble it and that should stop it from happening again.
ed make sure the vented fuel cap isn't clogged if it's the vented kind. if it is, you may not be equalizing pressure inside the fuel tank and when you are running the engine and using gas, the outside air cant get in thru the gas cap fast enough to equalize and it may be creating a vacuum strong enough to starve the engine. then when it dies, after a few minutes the air pressure slowly equalizes thru the narrowed(?) gas cap opening and the engine can get fuel and run again until the vacuum builds up again and the problem repeats. Its also a good idea to just clean the carb out periodically too.
Rudy Many thanks to Daryl Barber, I had the same problem on my JD400 with the engine dieing after a couple of minutes after being off for a while and only for a moment after dieing and doing a restart.
Took out the check valve with the glass ball, cleaned the crud out and blew out the return line, now the engine runs fine.


fjames I have a 3010. the return fuel lines were blocked so I took them off blew them out and re-installed. it was really strong. but you must then get to the root of the problem, so in my case the fuel injector pump needed to be rebuilt. Byt the kit for $50 and do it yourself. it is not that difficult.

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