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john deere 140 garden tractor

r. ray
a lady in western nc has asked me to sell her late husband's 1970 john deere 140 garden tractor. i have no idea what to ask for it. what would you think? pictures are here:

bontai Joe According to the serial number you have a 1970 model 140 with triple hydraulics (but I see only one lever on the left side in the photo, should be 3 levers there). The tractor is a bit rough, but if running ok, it's worth around $700-900 with the mower deck. Add say $400 for the powerflow collection system, $200 for the model 80 cart, $300 for the front blade with what appears to be manual angling (only one cylinder)?,add $100 if there are 2 cylinders, add $150 for the cast iron wheel weights, and not seeing the cab, if it's a non-Deere soft canvas cab, add $100, if it's a Deere cab with metal roof and canvas sides and hard windshield add $400. Totalling up my estimated numbers on the low side comes to $1850 for the separate components, $2450 on the high end assuming a hydraulic angling front blade and Deere cab. To sell as a package, I'd guess between $1500 and $2000 assuming the tractor runs ok, attachments work ok.
many thanks, joe. i am told on another forum that it's an h1 and not the more desirable h3, which probably explains the single hydraulic lever you mention. and probably reduces somewhat the value. but still, your precision appraisal is much appreciated. i presume it's a single cylinder on the plowblade, am pretty sure the cab is mostly soft and not metal and plastic, and am told everything works. thank you again for your excellent response to my post.

bontai Joe I am curious as to why the serial nimber indicates a triple hydraulic machine, but this one is a H1...... maybe the dash pedestal (and the attached serial number tag) are from another machine? My estimate on the tractor's value was based on it being an H1, the H3 generally goes for $1000 or more in running condition. In any event, it's a nice package deal and I wish I had the money to take it off your hands. I'd love to get my hands on a good 140 with all the attachments.
Tony Bachler Possable retail;; I had 7, 140 john Deeres, All rebuilt Total frame up rebuild. Average selling price On the west coast is $750.00 to $1200.00 For the tractor with the deck That is when totaly rebuilt inc. deck. One of them had 7 pieces of brinly equiptment. That brought around $2800.00. So sad because it was the best tractor built in its time. Also The serial numbers I found are not a reliable source of the year,
r. ray
thanks for your input, tony. it's helpful.

bontai joe, here is some helpful add'l info.

the tractor has three levers where you saw one. they were hiding, in the photo. one is missing a knob. i've added a new photo to the page, and you can see the three levers.

i think this tractor is 100-percent original.

also, the plow blade: i lightened the photo a bit and does it appear to you that there are two hydraulic couplings sticking up?

so, i think it's an h3. what do you think now.

r. ray
tony, i think you're saying the jd140 was the best tractor built in its time, which is news to me, not being a tractor person. that's great, even if it is just one man's opinion. what do you mean by "so sad"? are you saying it's sad that the best tractor for it's day fetched unremarkable prices when rebuilt and resold? or, what. just want to get your drift.

bontai Joe If there are 3 levers on the left side, then it is an H3 which matches the info I got on the serial number, which is a GOOD thing! The front plow did show 2 hydraulic hoses, indicating one cylinder to raise and lower the blade. Four hoses would have indicated that it angled hydraulically as well. The Deere 140 H# was indeed the best tractor in it's class, in fact many would say it was the only tractor in it's class when first introduced. None of the other main competitors had anything even close to it. In today's market, it's easy to get more HP than the 140's 14, but to also get the cat. "O" 3 point hitch capability, triple hydraulic circuits and have a machine that can be fitted with an optional front loader, rear back hoe, and the dozens of other attachments that the 140 could use, will set you back close to $10,000 just for the tractor. When Deere's designers started working on the 140, it was to develop a machine for folks that had up to 10 acres with large gardens, large lawns, and other needs than just cutting grass. The very fact that there are still so many running after 40 years indicates Deere did a pretty good job.I can't answer for Tony, but I'm sad that Deere isn't supporting these machines as well as they should with parts, and I'm sad that they are still not being made as they were in the late 1960s to early 1970's.
Tony Bachler In reply to the comments about it being sad ,it is in respect to the low price that people are willing to pay for a true garden tractor.; The only drawback with the 140 was it never had power steering and it was a bugger/hard to steer with a loader or any front mount implaments; I still have one I was regularly. It is a equal to my 425 When working with scoop or blade; MY saying about a kohler hy torque Engine is she spins the wheels every time she fires.
r. ray very interesting. many thanks, bontai joe.
you meant as i thought you meant, tony. thanks for your thoughts.

Doug No date on this post, is anything still avalable?
jason lambert I just was given a john deere model 140 and was wondering what year it is. The type is TO585 and the serial # if it is right is 062167. I'm not sure what kind of shape it is in, it was behind a shed overgrown with blackberry bushes. The engine and trans both still had oil in them.

greg monrad has anybody got a photo or drawing showing how 48" mower deck attaches to model 140 h3 ?
cjdean what ever became of the JD 140 that was given to you?
bob How much is a old john Deere 140 worth that has been sitting out for at least 3 years not ran with big chunk broke out of hood,flat tires,etc do not know any thing else or if it could be made to run-deck condition or anything else lady said itran when put behind shed

bob How much is a old john Deere 140 worth that has been sitting out for at least 3 years not ran with big chunk broke out of hood,flat tires,etc do not know any thing else or if it could be made to run-deck condition or anything else lady said itran when put behind shed

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