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12 hours on La175 and needs new carburetor?

David Mullins I am having a little trouble digesting this, and any thoughts would be appreciated. Lately my less than 8 month old, with less than 12 hours use, LA175 Lawn Tractor has been having some engine trouble. It seems a little rough when idling, and recently has had trouble starting, or staying started after catching.

I took it to my dealer, and they are saying that I have a varnish buildup in my carburetor from water in the tank. Since it is a "fuel" issue, it is not covered under warranty, and it simply needs to be replaced (probably approaching $200).

This simply does not sit well with me. Does it sound appropriate to you guys? First, you would think there is some kind of clean out thing you can do. Second, I really think this should be covered by warranty. Any thoughts?

Dale G. Basgall David : A little rough while idling is different than not running because of plugged up jets. Try removing the air filter and looking if there may be moisture in the filter element or dirt. As the engine is running rough is there any sign of black smoke from the exhaust.

Most of the time when a carburetor needs cleaned it the engine does not run or it surges by lean fuel to air ratio.

Try pulling the choke to see if it will stay running and then maybe some fuel additive. Run the unit as long as you can and it may jusyt vibrate and disolve whatever may be restricting the carb jets.

Water generally does not go through the fuel filter and you can tell that by removing the fuel filter and blowing through it, water will make it really hard to blow through and the fuel in the filter will not come out easily, let it dry in the sun and then blow through it again.

Water in the carb will prevent the gas from entering the main jet and when you throttle up on the engine it will die out completely.

The carb is not that difficult and is not worn out so if you decide to go further let us know on the forum and we can assist further.

Dale G. Basgall

David Mullins Great advice, Dale. Thanks so much. I have followed my instincts and canceled my order for a new carb and installation at the dealer. I really think my and my buddies (with help from you guys) can get this thing cleaned up. Also, I have a friend that owns an appliance store that can, worse case scenario, get me a new carb at cost. I hate to cancel on my dealer, but I'm not pleased with the situation.

As soon as I get my mower back, I will check out the things you suggested. Thanks again for the advice.

bontai Joe Only 12 hours in 8 months? It's not been run enough and sitting with gas in it for long periods of time. With the crap gas we have today, this problem will reoccur. I agree with Dale's suggestions, and add that either run it once a week and/or add a fuel stabilizer to your gas to prevent varnish in the carb.
David Mullins Well, an update on my situation. Good news and bad news I'm afraid. Good news is I have my tractor home now and am looking forward to nursing it back to health. The bad news is I have a $129 bill from my dealer for my efforts. $17 for o-ring and valve replacement, $103 for labor! Again, sounds like a relatively new tractor should still have warranty protection, but evidently not. I'm deciding whether or not to complain to the higher ups, but I would hate to further burn my bridges with the only dealer in town (except for Lowe's).

Sorry to rant, but I'm a little peeved, and having trouble explaining the bill to my wife...

Dale G. Basgall David : Provide the P.I.N. for the machine, it is a 13 digit number, with this I can track the machine and let you know about the warranty.

Do not worry about burning bridges, for now we need facts. John Deere Dealers are held under certain guidlines by John Deere Corp. John Deere takes care of the customer and that is absolute.

The dealer however should have given you a written estimate of repairs prior to your leaving it with them and required you to sign for approval.

What I see is an unhappy customer and if you were told a carb needs replaced after they spent the time they are attempting to charge you for, then we need to go further with this, I will help.

First of all, get your P.I.N. number to me and then look at the estimate of repairs you have signed. Get back to me on the forum and I will assist in any way I can, including contacting the dealer. The John Deere Company does not approve of unhappy customers and especially in your circumstance based on what you have disclosed on the forum.

Get back to me on the forum and we will take it to the next step.

Dale G. Basgall

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