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John deere 1435 front mount mower -overheating

Bernie Biever 2001 JD 1435 front mount mower 72", 435 hrs, Having problem with over heating. Light comes on and mower disengages, and engine stays running. The rads are very clean, had the JD service dept check it out and they changed fluids, thermostat. All checked out OK. ($600.00). Brought it back home and it's doing it all over again. Cuts out and we shut it off and wait a few minutes and away we go again. We can stay running for the next hour or longer or maybe a few minutes. I'm suspecting a switch, relay ,something that has went out of range. The engine sure does not seem to be overheated. We aren't overworking the unit by any means.
Appreciate any help.

Matt Have the same year and model with about the same hours. Mine did the same thing. Did you figure out what's wrong? I see a little coolant dripping from a "port" on the bottom of the water pump. It did this before and they said the alternator was so loose it was going to fall off therfore the belt was no turning the water pump and pumping coolant through the engine. I just came in and left it in the yard to see if I can find some answers. wow 600 sounds like they milked you good
rick I loosen the tranny cooler from the radiator and found out it was plugged solid under there, cleaned out and has worked since.
Barry I just spent weeks at the JD dealer trying to find my overheating and mower shut-off problem.Every thing checked out fine but 1 hr. and it would shutt down.Finally another mower just like it came in for a different problem,but when you ran it you could hear the fan sound like a turbo.My fan was running and cutting on and off but it was not running at full speed.Your fan can go out and still be running but not fast enough to cool.Fan should sound pretty loud.
Ken I had the same problem, but it was a simple fix. Take the back screen off the outside of the mower to get at the trans cooler. THis screen is held on with Phylips screws. Undo the butterfly nut and open the trans cooler as far as you can. The fins on the rad will probably be filled with grease and grass. Spray this with a degreaser and let it soak for 15 minutes then wash it off.

Also make sure that you fan is attached to the motor. It is just held on with a snap clip. Somethime this clip breaks and the fan only goes when it catches the little shaft that slides in and out on the motor. Mke sure that this little shaft is not broken, you can slide it in and out to look at it. To take this housing off you will need a 10mm socket and a small extension. Also you will have to undo the bracket that holds the air cleaner on also to get the unit up to have a look. 2 bolts 10mm and a 10mm wrench to hold the nut, flat screw drive to undo the clamp on the hose. There a 4 bolts holding this fan unit on. Once you have this off clean the inside of the rad also the same way.

If your unit has a "C" clip, change it to a full snap ring. The size that you need is for a 5/16" shaft. This all took me about 1/2 hour.

I did this all and mine is fine now. If it is the relay in the water pump housing it is a simple fix. Just unscrew it and install a new one. Make sure you put a little sealent tape on the sensor.

Good luck, if it is the fan motor JD only lists a complete unit, which includes the fan, motor and cover. Between $200 and $350.

I can not believe that there is not an after market motor available.

Does any one know if this after market motor exists.

Happy cutting.

todd same machine the coolant dual temp switch is bad that controls the fan turnin on or off it controls the temp light you also have a fan relay check the wirees to see if they are meelted cause they have too small of terminals and they do have a heavy duty relay that you can use or the fuse gets replaced by a circuit breaker
DP Property maintenance Mine I just bought did the same thing its a wiring harness issue / heat sensor or relay- most likely you have a bad fan relay and or the relay plug itself. The relay running the fan gets hot and melts inside or melts the actual inside of the plug. John Deer has just the plug end as the entire wiring harness is about $700.00. They changed plug and new relay on mine works perfect ever since. Had all the crazy syptoms you all mention. A good way to test it is to find the fan motor relay when the engine shuts down your pto and the heat light comes on simply jump the relay plug direct and if your fan comes on you will know it is a bad relay or relay plug damage wire. Love this mower now that it works all the time.

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