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John Deere 2040T

John Deere 2040T

Looking for suggestions for the way, or the name,type of the tool to remove the starter from a 2040-(4 cylinder version). The nuts to remove the starter are not accessible with a standard set of tools and or swivel. Using a wrench would mean operating it in 1/4 inch turns(maybe). Any help would be appreciated. The attached picture is the tractor in question with my son at the controls. Thanks.

Jimmy I think you can get a long extension on your socket and then get in there to it. That may work. Good Luck
David Thanks for the suggestion, but I've already been there and done that. The socket will not sit on the nut square and would round off the edges. Thanks anyway.
Jimmy May not work but try a curved starter wrench. WOrth a try.
David Thanks Jimmy. That is one I not thought of. I might also try a distributor wrench. Anything at this point. John Deere says they make they're own for the job. But they aren't divulging any tips on how or what.
bontai Joe have you tried a "wobble" joint adapter? It's a short piece that you put on the end of an extension the allows the socket to wobble or tilt as you turn. Might want to invest in a 6 point socket as well to minimize the chance of rounding off the bolt.
David bontai Joe, I tried that initially. The "wobble" or "swivel" joint still will not let the socket sit on the nut square. My estimate would be that about only one-third of the socket is able to get on either nut. thanks for the suggestions guys. Someone out there has got the answer.
Chris Post a pic of the starter area so those of use that are not tractor mechanics but are truck mechanics can see what the fuss is about. The dang thing had to be installed some way- unless they put the starter on a stand and built the tractor around it, it has to be able to be removed in a timely fashion.
David Chris,
I don't have pictures of the starter area on my computer. The tractor is at my place in the country. I did not have my digital camera with me this weekend when I attempted to remove the starter the first time. I may run up there this weekend if I can schedule the time off. If so, I'll shoot some pictures. Thanks.

bontai Joe Last suggestion I can think off, and you probably already tried it, but one of the slim line ratcheting combination wrenches? or one of those combination wrenches with the cut out on the end (I know them as ignition wrenches)?
David Haven't tried that one yet. I'll be headed up to the country this weekend to get it off. One wat or another. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. I'll try to let you know what worked.
David Haven't tried that one yet. I'll be headed up to the country this weekend to get it off. One way or another. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. I'll try to let you know what worked.
David SUCCESS !!! Okay I'll quit yelling now. In regards to my problem let say thanks to all of you who responded and even those of you who didn't respond but tried to think of a way to remove the starter. Bottom line, remove the battery, battery box and then have a special wrench. John Deere says they're solution is to start with a "starter wrench" and modify it with a torch to make it work. I found a set of wrench's at Sears by the name of "Gearwrench" that worked perfectly. It still is a tight fit, but it made the job fairly easy. I'll try to remember my camera when I reasssemble it. Thanks again folks for all the help. David
bontai Joe The gear wrench was the ratcheting combination wrench I was thinking of. They can get into some tight spots and have a fine enough ratchet that they will work even with a small area to swing in. Glad to hear that you got it done. I love a happy ending.

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