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2550 hydraulic system problem

john I have a 2550 that lost hydraulic pressure. no steering, lift, or remotes. PTO will come on. Cleaned screen and changed filter, still no pressure. What should I check next?
Jimmy Hydraulic pump could be bad.
Hoss It sounds like one of the valves in the head of the pump could be stuck. possibly the stroke control valve. If it has a destroking screw it will be on the top of the pump head on the left side. It will either take a 13mm wrench or it will have a roll pin for a T handle. turn it in until it touches the valve and about one more round and back out to the stop. if it doesn't have a screw it will only have a plug which won't help. anyway if it has the screw do this with the engine running and it just might go back to working. If not it was still worth a shot.
john Today, I removed the shift cover and checked the 4 tubes that connect to the oil manifold and discovered that if I cranked it over, oil would squirt our of the large one in the front and if I blew air into the other one, it would bubble in the oil. It appears that I have a leak in that line where it goes into the adapter. Do I have agreement from anyone?
Hoss You could be right that adapter has been known to back out of the housing and the lines are well known for cracking.
john Can this be checked from above without splitting the tractor?
Hoss Some but not well. If you can remove the fwd clutch or the plate where it would be on the bottom of the trans you can see it a little better.
brewster Does this model have an oil filter bypass valve, just above the filter? When these stick,all oil is dumped back into the trans case, leaving none for your front pump. Reverser, if you had one, would work, but nothing else. Remove the plug and pull the cartridge, check the roll pins. This should come out of the case easy. If it doesn't, your onto something.
john I checked the bypass and it is fine. With the manifold removed, and if you blow air down through the transmission pump pressure tube, you can hear the air bubbling in the transmission oil. And if you crank the engine with the cover removed, lots of oil will flow our of the other tube.
john losing steering after I engage pto
Is there a hydraulic filter?

Dan I have the same problem where is the screen located dealership told me it could be plugged but have no idea where the screen is help
David Bannister I have been having problems with air in the hydraulics on my 2550. I get along by keeping the tractor rpms up, all the time, but it gets air in hydraulics if I let it idle. About 300 hrs ago I had a guy split the tractor and check the tubes in tranny and he rebuilt cluthes etc, but it still does it. it seems a lot worse when I am using the 3 point hitch. Anyone have any ideas?
dave I have problems with air in the hydraulics on my 2550. it seems worse when using the 3 point hitch. I get along by keeping the rpms up all the time. I cant let it idle or it starves the front pump. About 300 hours ago I changed all the fluid and new filter, etc, which didn't help, so I had a guy split the tractor and check the tubes, all seemed good, and rebuild clutches etc, but still doing it. Any ideas?
dave I got a guy to help me and we took the 3 point hitch off and the cover on the rear end. The "o" rings in the 3 point lift control were in pieces, so we installed new ones. only a couple bucks for "o" rings and 2 hours of time, and all fixed.

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