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4024 Injector/pump matching

Victor K Looking for advise on how to match injectors and pumps on JD4024 (used in generator) after local mechanic took it apart and didnt mark them. If not possible to match then would need to find a shop which can do tuning to match.
Dale G. Basgall Victor, I don't think the injectors need to be matched to the pump in order as they were removed, it is however good to take the injectors in to have them pressure tested and re set if possible. If there were no injector problems before most likely just put them back in. Clean out the injector holes real good in the head.

Dale G. Basgall

John Heine I don't think they are matched sets.They are going to be adjusted after installing in engine.You wrote before someone pulled them out and that was not the problem and just stuck them back in.
Hoss These individual pump and injector sets are matched. There is a number on the injector nut that relates to the setting but there is no corrisponding number on the pump. All the ones that I have changed have different numbers in the same engines. I have found no way to match the origional injector with the right pump if they get mixed up. Trust me as timpermental as this fuel system is to set it will make a difference. Sorry I haven't helped your problem. I have checked with deere's dealer tecnical asistance, techmanuals and checked two different sets of old injectors for a way to match them if they get mixed up. They did conviently tell me they are matched and to keep them together.
Victor K The guy who pulled them had no idea they were supposed to be matched. when he did it there was a different problem with some relay and he was trying to troubleshoot, now relay is ok but engine wouldnt run right, nothing else has changed.
Victor K is there any way to match them again? how do they do it at the factory ?
Victor K engine has less than 200 hours and injectors looked pretty clean and local JD guru said its the injector/pump match problem...
Hoss The pumps and injectors are matched at stanadyne when they are built, to flow an exact amount. when you order one from deere you get a matched set pump and injector. I have found no directions or markings to match them up if they get mixed up. I know the injectors are mixed up but have the pumps been out of the block?
Victor K will find out for sure but i am afraid yes they were out of the block.

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