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jd seems out of alignment

henry my jd lx280 seems to be out of alignment. the grass cuts uneven and the tires have started to bald prematurely. I got new tires and want to adjust the axle issue myself. any suggestions on where to begin?
Dale G. Basgall Henry : Regarding the front end alignment and the tires wearing, alignment- set on the mower and turn the steering wheel back and forth and center the front tires as best you can as you were driving straight ahead, take a tape measure and find the center tread line on each front tire and measure the front of the tires and then the back of the front tires. Ideally the front of the front tires want to be 1/16th inch to 1/8th inch closer than the rear of the front tires. Tires can wear if the pressure inside is incorrect and that the front spindles can bend slightly also if they are dropped from a trailer just right, however neither of these items will cause the grass to cut uneaven due to the pivoting front axle, so your uneaven problem is most likely mower deck adjustment. Either way write back on the forum if you need to know the correct deck adjustment procedure.

Dale G. Basgall

henry Hey Dale. I plan on working on the mower this weekend, think u can give me help on deck adjustments. I appreciate it Dale.
bontai Joe Leveling the deck starts with checking tire pressures to be sure they are within spec and match from left to right. While we are checking things get a tape measure and verify that the center of the axles is the same distance off the ground from the left side to the right side. OK, now to the deck.... remove the spark plug wire and the keys because you are gonna have your hands under the deck. Engine obviously is OFF. Align the blades so the tips point to the sides and using the adjustment in the deck hangers, get the blade tips the same difference off the ground. Now align the tips so they point front abd back. The blde closest to the front should be 1/8" to 1/4" LOWER than the tips of the rearmost blade that pointing to the back of the tractor. Again, take the measurements off the blad etips, not of the edge of the deck shell. That should get you ready to cut grass. remember to reinstall the spark plug wire when you are done.
Dale G. Basgall Hey bontai Jo bonzai hey how you doin , I thought I had you on this one and was going to add point the blades so the tips are foreward and set the level knob on three and use the JD level tool and adjust the height to match the numbers, then I realized that is no part of leveling the deck, oh well se ya later.

Dale G. Basgall

P.S. I love this site I am LOL now geeze. Lets create a really difficult scenario with a JD and see who can come up with the answer.

bontai Joe Dale, the Deere leveling tool (available for less than $10 at your Deere dealer and some box stores) sure makes the job easier on ANY brand mower. One of these days I'm gonna get me one when I have an extra $10 on me. I hope all is well in Hawaii, it's about 15 degreesF in my neck of the woods.
David Miller Dale,
My son has a JD riding mower that the two front tires appear to be turned out slightly. I saw in a previous post that you said ideally the tires should be turned in slightly. There appears to be no adjustment that can be made underneath, but there does appear to be some play in the steering connections underneath. Is there anything I can do or is this a dealer fix?

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