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john deere 300 front pto acting up

Nick I have a jd300 that I hooked up a snowblower to. when I flipped the pto switch it worked for a couple minutes, then stopped. now it works for a minute only when I first start the tractor. So I took the bolt off the front of the pulley and found a piece of string wrapped around it. I put the pulley back on and it ran great. As soon as I put the belt back on from the snowblower, it won't work at all. Does anyone have any ideas about what would be causing this? and how i could fix it? thanks
bontai Joe Your tractor is over 30 years old, have you ever checked or adjusted the PTO clutch face gap? Should be around .018" as measured with a feeler gage.
Nick How do you adjust the pto clutch face gap then?
I can't find anything online about it.

bontai Joe With the engine off, keys out of the ignition, pull the front grill off and you will see the PTO clutch. There are 3 or 4 bolts around the outside perimeter of the clutch with springs under the heads, Those are the adjusting screws. Put a .018" feeler gage between the clutch faces near each adjustment screw and snug it up until the gage drags when you remove it. Do this at each screw and do it several more times as adjusting one screw affects the settings at the tohers. You will have to "dial it in". Also check for loose wires at the clutch, and any missing insulation at may cause an intermittant grounding shorting out the circuit. Also check the belt tension. With the deck cylinder in the raised position, look at the bottom of the front of the tractor. There is an indicator that appears thru a slot in the mule drive cover and it should be about midway in the slot. Also carefully examine the belt that it's going around all the pulleys correctly, the fingers and guides are not rubbing anywhere and it should work.

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