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John Deere 5425

David Wilson Won`t start, temp. 25deg. All dash lights come on and stay on until switch is turned off, starter will not engage. All dash lights coming on means something. Anyone know about this and what it means? thanks
Dale G. Basgall David, do any of the gauge lights come on like in lights that indicate over heating or low oil pressure or that kind of stuff, or is it just the lights in the dash coming on ? We can detail the electrical, but first I need to understand exactly what lights are coming on, that points to different sources of the problem. If you want assistance with the electrical I will help you with what I can, just mail back on the forum.

Dale G. Basgall

David Wilson All lights come on and stay on, even the turn signal arrows(not blinking). Had to disconnect battery terminal to get them off.
Dale G. Basgall David, do you happen to have a digital volt ohm meter available, or even an old fashioned meter with a needle that measures dc voltage ? If not go get a regular 1156 light bulb or a bulb from a flasher light on the tractor. Get a piece of electrical wire a couple feet long and solder one end to the soldered lug at the end of the light bulb and then get another piece of wire and solder it to the outside brass case of the 1156 light bulb. Strip both ends a couple inches back and now we have a method of testing the circuit.

Write back on the forum if you do or do not have a digital meter or other.

Dale G. Basgall

David Wilson Dale, I do have a digital meter.
David Wilson Dale, I have a digital meter.
Dale G. Basgall David, that's great news. I just reviewed the electrical and the unit shows an electronic control module, I need the electrical schematics located in the cd service manual. I do not have that one, I apologize but it appears that the only way to accurately diagnose this one is with a complete electrical schematic for the systems giving you the problem. Can you get a picture of it and send it on the forum ?

Dale G. Basgall

David Wilson I`ll see if I can find one. I talked with a JD service manager today, and he said that when the dash lights up like I described it is an indication the battery is bad. I will have it tested tomorrow and post the results. Thanks

David Wilson Had battery tested and it is good. At least that's one thing eliminated.
David Wilson Dale it is running. Took battery to local parts store, had it tested, it tested good. Put it back in JD, turned switch on, all is normal, hit starter,and she fired up. I`m happy she is running, but when it cures itself, I wonder if it will happen again. Anyway I thank you for trying to help me with this thing D. Wilson
bontai Joe I'm thinking that the only thing that changed is when you took out the battery and reinstalled it. you got a better connection to the battery. Any corrosion or oxidation between the battery posts and the wires connecting to them would have reduced the current's ability to flow to the starter. Doesn't really explain the dash lights being on, but that's the only explaination I can come up with.
Paul Hayhurst I cannot get the blinker lights or running lights to operate. Dash lights work, head lights work. Only one running light works. Bulbs look good, fuses look good. Do those bigger fuses have some sort of a reset button on them?

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