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How to install electric brake control on compact tractor?

Michael I want install electric brake control on my tractor,can anybody advise me if it is possible to do so and how will be work? and which brake control I can use.


Mark Michael, You didn't mention what tractor you would be installing this on. I don't see why adding a brake controller to a tractor wouldn't work, there are just a few considerations I can think of. In our opinion, there are only a couple small hurdles to overcome with this project. The first is adapting some sort of switch to your tractors brake pedal. As a suggestion one of the Directed Magnetic Switches available from Radio Shack might work. If your brakes are split and independent that poses another set of problems. You would probably always want to use the controller with both brakes set together. A third potential issue is keeping the controller dry at all times if the tractor will be stored outside. I am unaware if there is a weather proof controller out there. As far as what controller to buy, I don't see why anyone wouldn't work with the possible exception of the more expensive proportional controllers that are available. I am not sure how you would interface them with your tractors brake pedal. HTH and Good Luck.
Michael Thanks Mark for your help,I have 2006 JOHN DEERE 790
compact tractor with 27hp and trailer 5X10" with electric brake,yes tractor have working brake lights.Can you draft installation for me (like wiring diagram ) if is possible

thanks again Mark.

Mark I checked and noticed that the Draw-Tite hitch website offers some good documentation and wiring diagrams available online for their line of products. Here is a link to the controller installation instructions that I have on my pick-up truck. This documentation includes a helpful wiring diagram inside. The link is:,5100# These instructions are in the form of a PDF which can be downloaded and also printed.

Wiring a Brake Controller is pretty straight forward. There are typically 4 inputs and one output. The inputs to the controller are: A fused Battery source (using at least 12 gauge wire), Tractor Brake input (where 12 volt input to the brake controller appears when the Brakes of the tractor are depressed), and Battery Ground input. Then you have the output of the Controller. This Output is what energizes your trailer brakes. This Output is wired back into a plug near the tractor hitch. When mounting the Controller I would be very careful to insure the controller does not get wet as they are designed to be placed in a dry location such as a pick-up cab. If I was doing this project I would consider placing the controller inside or under some type of sealable container such as tupperware container or project box etc. That way you could set the power setting on the controller and then "seal" the controller up from water, dust, etc. One other recommendation to you is that I would run not only the Battery Source (+) but also the Controller's Ground input (-) back to the Battery posts. I would also take this Ground all the way back to the Trailer Plug. That way you are insured you will have an Excellent Ground source at all times going both to the Controller and also the Trailer Plug. Hope this information helps. :-) Post back if you need anything else. Good Luck with your project. Mark

Mark I meant to say a total of 4 wires. 3 inputs and 1 output to the Controller. Sorry 'bout that.
Michael Thanks Mark.I have one more question,do you know what kind of stoplight switch I need and where can I buy?
thanks again.

Mark If you have working Brake Lights on the tractor already you should be able to easily tap into those OK and wouldn't require adding a seperate Brake Switch. The Brake controller is just looking for +12 Volts as an indication you are applying your brakes. However, If you wanted to wire a separate Brake Switch on the tractor you'll need to take +12 Volts from Battery to your External Switch located at the Brakes. You need to have it setup so when you press the Brakes the Switch Closes and then passes the +12V Battery as input into the Controller. In our opinion, the easiest way to accomplish adding an external switch is to use a Normally Open Directed Magnetic Switch Available at Radio Shack. These are similar to the switches used on Window and Door Intrusion Detection Systems. They have double faced tape on them and can be easily mounted unobstrusively or tiewrapped to the foot pedal mechanism. Hope this helps. Post again if you need anything else. Again Good Luck with the project. Regards Mark
Michael Thanks Mark
so I can contact red wire from BRAKE CONTROL straight to brake lights wire? and should it work with out stoplight switch?


Mark If you are referring to the Draw-Tite Diagram, yes the Red wire is the StopLight Lead input for the Controller and you would want to wire that to the "cold side" of the Tractor Brake Switch. This could be tapped anywhere on the wiring between the Brake Light Bulbs down to the the cold side of the Brake Switch circuit on the Tractor. Mark.

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