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John Deere 770 PTO problem?

david brosh I just purchased a used JD 770 compact. The PTO makes a grinding noise like 2 gears not meshing when it is engaged. It turns but you can reach down and stop the pto shaft by hand. Anyone have any ideas? Someone told me it could be the pto clutch but I was hoping that Dale G. Basgall would shed some light on my problem. Thanks, Dave.
bontai Joe I highly recommend NOT grabbing a revolving PTo shaft with your hand. I also recommend not engaging the PTO if it makes a grinding noise, as it's not gonna make the parts any better internally. My guess is that the PTO clutch is the problem or there is at least one stripped gear.
swampfox112 I agree with Joe. Noise in machinery is like pain in our bodies,It's there when something needs fixing. I suggest if there is grinding, popping, scraping, backfiring, squeeling, ticking,
knocking, smoking, leaking, slipping, or loss of power, then it would be wise to find the problem as soon as possible before more damage is done to other parts. Even frequent backfires can damage valves and guides and become expensive to fix.

david brosh Thanks guys for your response. I was born and raised on a farm so I know not to grab the pto shaft. I actually stopped it with one finger. It only makes the noise of two gears touching their teeth together when you hold the PTO engagement lever in its highest position. A john deere mechanic told my brother that there is possibly a pin sheared off just inside the pto shaft. Could that be a possibility?
Dale G. Basgall Thanks David, now I have to dig deep for this one I am going to review swampfox12 and bontai Joe reply first though they may have got to the problem already.

Dale G. Basgall

Dale G. Basgall David, I do remember having that problem one time and it's not that bad of job. Just pull the pto cover bolts out and remove the gear cluster your problem is most likely right in the back end at the pto geard, I looked at a single clutch 770 and a dual clutch 770 and both seem to point to the rear cover and gear cluster needs removed and inspected. To take it out is probably no more than thirty five minutes, you can do it just make sure you get the correct sealant for the cover installation.

Dale G. Basgall

david brosh Thanks Dale, I'm going to try and pull the PTO shaft first. That makes me breath a little easier. Does the trans need to be drained first??
hay david brosh, let me add this to your problem. my JD870 compact also makes a slight grinding noise when disengaged and the pto will turn when not hooked to an implement and i can stop it from turning with one finger also. my tractor has done this since brand new and so far after 12 years and 1200 hours it has no problems engaging and disengaging the pto. you might try adjusting the clutch free play slightly, but be careful and don't do too much free play or the pto will grind noisly when engaging. the clutch on this model may be different from yours in that mine is a two stage clutch and your could be transmission driven clutch, i don't really remember. also your could be a tranny bearing that is causing the noise. i'm sorta at a loss of diagnosing since i can't see and hear it making the noise. better to maybe not use it and contact a JD dealer or reputable tractor mechanic and let them diagnose it. post your findings on here and let us all know what the problem is/was. thanks
david brosh Hay, I guess I originally made a mistake by saying I had a grinding noise. My tractor and transmission don't make any abnormal noises except when I raise the yellow PTO knob to its highest position. At that time the shaft starts turning if you hold it in the highest position but there is a gear sound like a standard transmission that doesn't have synchronized gears with 2 gears rubbing the tips of their teeth together. My tractor is an 89 model 770 and I don't know if it has a single or 2 stage clutch.
swampfox112 Maybe it's just the cable or lever that engages the pto needing adjustment.
John White I have a John Deere 770 had it about 3yrs worked great, then my nephew borrowed it with the finish mower now my PTO spins fine with the mower lifted, but when i lower it into grass it slows down, it seems to have no strength, the hydro lift works fine, its just the PTO the speed knob for the PTO seems to do nothing any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
KATHLEEN GORDON When I pickup a 1100 pd roll of hay, I leak oil from the back of my 770. Not sure where, it may have to do with the gasket. Any help would be appreciated.

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