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JD 870 not pulling its own weight

Trent Voigt I just bought a JD 870 a few months ago. I has slowly lost the ability to pull its own weight. It now will only pull its weight in 1st gear.

I checked the transaxle fluid and it looks full, can anyone tell me what fluid it takes?

Does anyone have an idea if this is a clutch problem or something else?


swampfox112 There is so many things that could be the problem based on your vague description that it would be just guess's but assuming your motor is in tune and running at top performance,and it has motor oil in it,and you unlocked the parking brake, it has to be something between the crankshaft and the ground causing the drag.(DUH) Checking the transaxal fluid and ALL of the fluids is good, then I would make sure the brakes are not hanging up. Jacking up the wheels (all of them) and turning them might help to see if there is any drag. If not the brakes, it could be wheel bearing(s) seizing up. Usually clutches either engage or they don't. I wouldn't think your clutch is the problem. It could be bearings in the transmission seizing also,if so it won't be long before it locks up and you will have damaged alot of expensive parts. I suggest you stop using this tractor totally until you find the problem. Of course, this is just my opinion and hey, what do I know? Good Luck.
gerry I own a JD 850 and it takes 5 gallons of HY GARD TRANSMISSION/HYDRAULIC FLUID. I don't know of a source other than John Deere. The transmission lube and the hydraulic oil use the same resivoir which is basically tne transmission case. Assuming your 870 is a gear tractor (you mentioned first geat) the symptoms sound like a weak clutch to me. Is there say at least 1" of free play in the clutch pedal? If not the clutch may not be fully engaging.

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