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Lance Gilliland I have GT245 garden tractor that starts sporadically. Sometimes it cranks and starts immediately. sometimes I need to turn the key and hold it 5-10 seconds and then it cranks and starts. Other times it does not crank at all.

What should I be doing to troubleshoot/fix this?

Dale G. Basgall Lance, on your GT235 what engine do you have in that one, is it a Kawasaki engine or other. There are a couple things you can do but it would be helpfull first to find ut what engine is in that one. Write back on the forum and I will assist if possible.


Lance Gilliland I have the kawasaki engine
Dale G. Basgall Lance, when you initially set on the seat and depress the brake pedal as you turn the ignition key to the start position is there any clicking noise immediately and then it finally cranks over the engine like a solonoid noise and then finally the engine rotates with the starter or is it a slight dealy and then it turns over and starts ?

Usually when the engine fails to turn over exactly after the key is turned into the start position or cranking position the purple wire going to the starter solenoid at that moment should read system voltage.

Put your test lead one on the grountd lug at the battery and then touch the terminal where the purple wire attaches at the starter solenoid and try to start it, see if there is voltage present at the exact time the key is turned to the start position. If you get a reading less than battery voltage by around two volts it may be where the ground cable attaches to the mower frame itself. Probably an engine mount bolt on the left side of the tractor at the base of the engine.

Clean the ground terminals and make sure the connection is clean and good.

If that doesn't get the job done send back on the forum we will stay at it until this one is fixed.


Lance Gilliland thanks, will try that.
Lance Dale,

I tried your suggestion. I am getting full line voltage to the purple wire going to the starter solenoid.

Now the tractor won't start at all. Any thoughts on how I trouble shoot it?


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