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John Deere 2840 holding fuel prime

Bobby I have a John Deere 2840. It is not holding the fuel in the lines. When I first start it, it turns over and over. When I let off the starter, I can here fuel run into the fuel tank. When I get it started and turn if off, it is extremely hard to start again. I have put a new battery on it. It will spin it over fine. But if I put a jumper to the battery, it spins over faster and will start quicker. Can anyone help me with my problem. Thanks, Bobby

Dale G. Basgall Bobby, regarding the 2840 fuel problem. It is a Rosa Master fuel injection pump and there are several steps to take to troubleshoot those.

First remove the existing fuel filter and replace it with a new one. Next remove the fuel hose coming from the fuel tank to the inlet side of the fuel transfer pump and blow back into the line until you hear the air bubbling back into the fuel tank. Then re-install that hose and remove the outlet tube from the outlet side of that transfer pump. Move the lever on the transfer pump back and forth until you get fuel from the outlet side of the transfer pump and there should be plenty of fuel being pumped out the outlet side. Re-connect that line and then open the upper bleed nut on the fuel filter housing and pump the lever again on the transfer pump until a good stream of fuel is coming out of the open bleed hole. Hand tighten the bleed nut so no fuel comes out the bleed hole and then continue pumping the lever on the transfer pump itself until you feel no resistance on the lever itself. The fuel system to the injection pump is now primed and ready and if the lever never comes to a point it has no resistance on it then replace the transfer pump. Should you go through these steps and still have the problem I will assist you just write back on the forum.


Bobby Dale, thank you for your assistance. It will be a couple of weeks before I can get back down to the farm (about 80 miles away). I will perform your procedure, and let you know how it turns out. Thanks, Bobby
Dale G. Basgall Bobby, since the farm is so far I will give you the rest of the steps so when your there you can keep going on the repair if none of that seems to be the problem.

So now say all the stuff in the previous e-mail is ok and then you need to go to the fuel injection pump and find out if you have a mechanical shutoff valve in the pump or an electrical solenoid shut off valve. You can tell that by looking for a wire going to the top of the injection pump, when the key is turned on the little solenoid will click on and you should be able to hear it if not use a meter and set it on the dc scale and when the keyswitch is turned to the on position there should be system voltage present. If that checks ok then remove the tube coming directly off the top of the fuel injection pump itself. It is atached to a check valve with a small glass ball inside. Remove the entire check valve it's about an inch long and usually there is something in there holding it from working so blow out or take a needle and dig out whatever is in there, with that removed now try to start the tractor. If the same problem still exists take off the small rectangular cover from the side of the injection pump with a regular flatblade screwdriver and hold a white rag under the opening while you remove the cover and catch all the fuel you can in the white rag. Look for little pieces of black rubber insede the rag. If those are present your governor drive dampner needs replaced inside the fuel injection pump.

When you replace it make sure to install the updated governer drive it eliminates the problem from happening again.

Should you need further assistance write back on the forum.


Bobby Dale, thanks for all your information. I will get back with you after I perform this. Thanks again. Bobby

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