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2130 hydrolics

wayne My 2130 suddenly will not lift cultivator on either of the two rear hydrolics. I have tried it on other equipment too. It will move a ram in and out but does not have enough power to lift!!

The loader lifts and works fine???

Dale G. Basgall Wayne, lack of lifting power is a result of pressure insufficient. What is termed pressure in all the books confuses people and mechanics so therefore I will detail this.

First of all the hydraulic pump simply is a flow device it pumps fluid volume. As the pump rotates it displaces fluid into the outlet port and into the hydraulic lines, if these lines were open on the other end, simply flow of oil could fill a 5 gallon bucket up in a certain amount of time and you would have almost non measureable oil pressure in the open lines. Now as you restrict the flow of the system on the end of the open hydraulic hose that the oil is flowing out, like placing a valve on the end so you can close the flow of oil off slowly you would then find pressure building up in the hose and the more you restrict the flow of oil outward the more pressure would build up in the system, it's technically backpressure and is a result of restricting the flow of oil out of the pump. Now if there were no way to divert the trapped oil the pump would blow apart or the line would burst, so then they install what they call is a pressure relief valve. There is a main one and others for other circuits down the line.

It sounds as if your main pressure relief is ok otherwise the steering would be hard and the loader would not lift the load. On the JD yellow iron there is a valve called a priority flow valve right under your right foot on the transmission housing. When the steering is fine and the loader works fine usually it's that valve dropping the pressure in the system so the backhoe or rear hydraulics do not get the pressure needed to move strongly even though they get slow they still have the pressure in the system.

What may have happened and I don't for sure know if yours has one, is that there is a flow valve that regulates the speed of the rear hydraulics and there should be a pressure relief or line relief valve in the circuit to the rear hydraulics. If you can't find it I will look in the repair manual.

write back if you need more asistance


luke I have a john deer 1050 hydraulics working but slow Iam not getting enough fluid through the lines is there a valve I should be looking for?

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