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Fuel leak on 318

Ed I have a 318 which starts and runs fine unless I leave it a week. It then takes considerable cranking to get fuel. I have noticed that the fuel filter is empty if left more than a few days. There is a weak odor of gasoline, but no evidence of any dripping. Nothing is wet. I suspect a leak of the fuel line when under vacuum so the fuel drains back into the tank, or maybe some does very slowly drip out. None of the fuel lines or connections that I can find show a problem, but much of it is hidden behind covers. Is there a common place this problem might develop, so I do not remove more than necessary to track the problem?
Dave Ed - Not that much fuel shows up in the fuel filter anyway. So I doubt that there is a leak between the filter and the carb, although there could be. So just to make sure, I'd suggest you do a visual inspection of the line, and if in doubt, go ahead and replace that portion.

The fuel pump could also be a problem, if it's taking awhile to get the tractor to fire. But what I really think is going on is the fuel line that runs under the fender deck from the tank to the fuel pump, and possibly the return line; one or both is either cracked, checked, or plugged.

You'll have to remove the fender deck to check the condition of the fuel lines. But you might try removing the fuel lines at the fuel pump and blowing some compressed air into the one going to the tank. If that clears up a clog, the only problem is the potential to reclog will remain in the tank. - Dave

rick I also have a 318 that has a fuel leak. I havent broken it down to determine exactly where the leak is coming from but was hoping to get some advanced warnings of what to look for.

I have had to used compressed air in the tank after it sits for a couple days and this time fuel began to start coming out at the choke.

Thanks in advanced for any help.

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