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4310 stalled, won't restart

Chris I have a 4310 e-hydro 4wd that gets used much less than I would like. It is an '03 or '04 with less than 200 hours on it. I use it primarily for disking food plots and bush-hogging. This weekend it stalled while mowing, just as if you had turned the key off, and will not restart. I have checked all the fuses, checked for sediment in the sediment trap, I think I bypassed the seat switch. It was not crystal clean, but not dirty either. In fact, I am not sure that I was seeing dirt inside or outside the plastic (done in field). Wondering if fuel was flowing, I loosened one of the injector lines going into the top of the injector pump and cranked the engine to see if diesel is making to the pump. No diesel leeked out. I am now beyond my mechanical ability and the tractor is sitting in the middle of the woods, 200+ miles from the nearest competent mechanic. The starter cranks fine. If I can figure out how to get the front bucket off (or release pressure so I can get the bucket up, I can try to pull it onto a trailer with a chain hoist or come-along...maybe. Any suggestions?
Henry Have you checked the fuel shut off for any disconnected wires/linkages?
Chris The only checking I did was to "jiggle" any connections. Actually, I don't recall there being more than one electrical wire in the vicinity; a purple wire that I suspected was either a ground or connected to a temperature sensor, because it was screwed into what I think is the bell housing, very near the sediment bowl. Oddly, I did notice a "dangling" red wire with one of those double female wire connectors on the opposite side, near the foot brake controls. I am pretty sure it was like that before, but I could not find any other wire to connect to it (hoping that something had simply gotten pulled lose underneath). It is difficult to check much with the frame of the bucket blocking the engine compartment. I was proud that I was actually able to get the engine cover panel removed. The few I do remember "jiggling" a harness connector in front of the injector assembly. It was not connected to the assembly, and I am not sure what it controled, but it was not lose. Any other ideas? I was hoping to have a bag of ideas (and maybe a few likely replacement parts) collected to take with me this weekend. If I am going to have to order anything that requires shipping, I think I need to get started.
Chris I just spoke with a JD mechanic. He said that it sounds to him like the solenoid on the injector pump has failed. Quite frankly, I find this hard to believe, since the engine was just humming along and simply stalled with no sputtering, or anything else like that. However, I am obviously not a mechanic. He said that I need to check for power to the solenoid. There are two different possible combinations that were installed on the 4310. One is easily accesible and the other is not. I suspect that I have the one hardest to get to. I guess this is going to be a long process, since I am not near the tractor except on the weekends.
Of course, the mechanic had a long list of even more expensive possible explanations including major wiring problems and broken shafts.
Any additional opinions are welcome and appreciated

Henry I'd agree with the mech you spoke with. If it ran out of fuel, for whatever reason, you'd get the sputtering. If the solenoid failed it would shut the engine off like you'd turned the key off.
Chris Thanks...I am going to give it a shot this coming Saturday.
Chris FYI...mechanic was right. Fuel cut-off solenoid was bad. It looked like it had tried to melt from the inside-out. It either caused or resulted from a bad fuse block and/or "diode block". All three are now replaced and the tractor seems to be running fine. The solenoid was over $100 and the local dealership stocked 4 of them. That tells me that either the inventory control at my local dealership is not very good or this is a part that goes out a lot. If the latter is the case, JD should have fixed this, or at least sent out a notice. I think this will be the last JD tractor I buy. I think I'll go with Kubota next time and maybe get something that will have better reliability and dependability. Thanks though for your feedback Henry. Do you sell parts like this? are they more reasonably priced?

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