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hydraulics on a 3010

debbie turner I recently purchased a John Deere 3010. I am having difficulty with the hydraulics. The hydraulics are slow to open my baler or lift my mowing machine. After about 3 or 4 times it wants to completely stop. The brakes and steering work perfectly. I have changed the filter as well as new oil. No luck. Please help!
Kyle I have a 3020 JD and had the same problems. In my case it has a larger valve diameter which rasises slower and drops faster. That could be it in your case. What I would try next is clean the Hydraulic screen which is the plug behind Hydraulic filter. If it is clogged, then it would raise it slower. Clean it with diesel fuel. Hope this helps.
debbie turner Kyle,
I appreciate your response. However, my husband says we did clean the screen you are referring to. Could it possibly have anything to do with the block where the hydraulic plugs go into?

Kyle Well my 3020 was made with this hydraulic valve under the hood that the hydraulic lines go to. That makes the baler go up slower. What you can do is follow a manual if you got one and adjust the speed at this hydraulic valve. Now this is only if you have this hydraulic valve under the hood. It is a box like structure. A 3010 may not have it. But if you do there are two adustments for it. Kyle
debbie turner Yep Kyle, we've done that also!!
Dale G. Basgall There is a stroke control valve on that one, and in the front on the hydraulic pump there is an electric solenoid for cold start conditions, this de strokes the main hydraulic pump so the engine doesn't have to crank over and build up hydraulic pressure right away. If there is a solenoid there is a couple o-rings on it , replace those and see if the pump works better. If it has a t handle to destroke the pump then make sure it is turned all the way out, replace the o-rings. If not we can go to step 2.
debbie turner Dale,
Thanks for your help. We will try this and I will post again to let you know how things went. I certainly appreciate everyone's help. No one in our area seems to know much about this problem other than the hydralic pump must be out!
But if this were the case, would the power steering and brakes work so well?

debbie turner Dale,
We located the stroke control valve on top of the pump. It is turned all the way out. However, the tractor does not have an electric solenoid on it. There is no electric going to the pump.

Dale G. Basgall Good morning Debbie :
The hydraulic pump on that unit is a radial piston pump with the capabilities of variable displacement of oil flow like in gallons per minute of output flow. Most all cases of slow hydraulics on the deere products does not show a bad pump, I have encountered only a very few of those pump failures and they turn out to be mechanical within the pump like broken shaft worn inlet valves and also outlet check valves. The pump in your case does not seem to be the hydraulic pump. The destroke valve that is the t handle on front of the hydraulic pump needs to be removed with a wrench and new o-rings need to be installed first. After these are installed and then start the machine and make sure you screw the valve in and then all the way out, see if the hydraulics come faster. If not we go to the next step. As you are operating a function like the bailer try to turn the steering wheel at the same time and see if it becomes harder to rotate the wheel. On that system the steering and brakes get the priority thus they take all the flow and pressure needed before any other hydraulic function gets it's oil. JD used to call it the priority valve mounted on the side of the transmission housing. What this valve does is open the hydraulic valve after the steering and brake systems are full of oil and pressure. We can walk through this step by step so for now just make sure the destroke valve is in the stroke control valve with new o-rings and inspect the components of the destroke valve. Take your time and really clean all the parts in hot water and tide or some other laundry detergent then look at the parts carefully , any bad spots will show up as shiny areas. The destroke valve is the next step.

Most J D hyd valves are similar, I had a dealer do this to me once. If you or someone has taken the hyd valve apart. It is possible to reinstall the cams on the actuating lever upside down and backwards which will cause the problems you have mentioned. I don't remember how it is supposed to be, but I think that it won't go into the float position (up, neutural, down, float).

Mac Greg
I have a 3020 PS Gas that the hydraulics have all at once became slow and will hardly move the loader. The 3 point will lift, but real slow.
I have read what you have stated on 3010, were would I find the destroke valve on a 3020?

Josh Hello I had the same problem last year what you want to find Is the priority valve and clean it. The priority valve sends all of the pressure to the steering and the brakes first then it sends the pressure to everything else if it is not opening fully you will get a lack of pressure to everything. On the inside of the priority valve is just a ballbearing and a spring.
Michael laughlin My hydraulics have lots of lifting capacity but when I am using clutch they quit, I have to put tractor in neutral with clutch out to get hydraulics working again. Is there a lift pump in this series? I have changed filters , screens etc..

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