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john deere 3010 pto problem

harold The stub on my 540 pto came loose. I have tightened it but now when using a bush hog it slips. Sounds like gears not meshing.

Whats the problem?

Bill You may have found the answer already, but if you didn't, when the shaft came loose and you tightened the bolts you may have bent, or broken, one of the shift collar pins in the pto shaft. If you take the four bolts out and look at the back of the 540 shaft, you'll notice a "bump" on the end. If you look at the PTO shaft on the tractor, you'll see a pin sticking out. That pin shifts a collar inside to another gear. If you tightened the four bolts that came loose without turning the stub shaft while you pushed it in, I can pretty well guarantee that the shift pin is either bent or broken. If it is, the collar is not completely engaging the gear and that's the noise you hear. It was a poor setup and luckily they changed it with the 20 series.
Rick Etter I have the same problem with my 3010 PTO. I pulled the 540 RPM collar off last night and the shift pin looks to be in perfect shape. It does however have a little back and forth slack in it. When I turn on the PTO it dosen't even make the grinding sound anymore. It dosent' do anything. I'm going to drain the hydo fuild and check for filings to see if I have bigger problems. Any more thoughts for me? Thanks, Rookie 3010 JD owner Rick Etter
Bill I assume what you're saying is that you took the 540 shaft off and the shift pin is sticking out...How far is it sticking out ?? It will have end play, but if the shift pin is only sticking out a little ways, the pin inside the PTO shaft is probably bent and not letting the collar shift completely onto the gear. To fix it, the tractor should be split at the transmission...At a dealer it's gonna cost big bucks to put a $1 pin in. I've done it several times by drilling a hole in the side of the trans case, but I can't explain it on here.
rusty mayo hello bill, you sound like the jd man. anyway i have found a 3010 gas, needs load control shaft seals. so what & are they hard to install. is a 3010 gas a good jd, or just junk. the price is right on this i think. bet i can buy her for 2k
thanks & not sure if iam writing you.

Walter Coyle Can you expand on drilling a hole in the side of the trans big, where at etc...I really don't want to split my tractor if I don't have to.
tom i have a 3010 john deere diesel can the pto be changed from 540 to 1000 as the reverse gear is a bit to fast for plowing snow with a blower thought if turn the blower faster with less rpm the tractor speed will be slower and the blower speed will remain the same and all would be good ????
Doyle Campbell I have the same problem with my 3010 ,the pto shaft is not turning.I would like more information on drilling a hole in side of transmission.
don howett new pto clutch installed but pto not working
is there a reference manual for proper install procedure which would indicate a step that has been missed

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