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Hydraulic Fluid Change on 316

Dave M I just changed the hydraulic fluid and filter on my '89 JD 316. It took me awhile to find the filter location. I drained out about 5.5 or so quarts of what appeared to be AT fluid, that is, it was reddish in color, clean, and not burnt. I was told when I bought this tractor that it had all services done at the dealer. The JD fluid I put back in was more of a blonde color. The problem is this, I can't see the fluid in the rear sight glass. I put nearly 6 quarts back in, trying to bring the level up so I could see it in the sight the glass. There is no dipstick to measure amount of fluid, just a fill tube. Is there a "bleed" method when changing fluid? Is there a danger in overfilling the trans/hydraulic system? Is it possible the fluid is in the sight glass but I can't see it because of its lighter color? The hydraulics all seem to be working okay after the fluid change. Any thoughts are appreciated.
Dave Dave - My old 318, which was similar to your 316, took a little over 5 quarts to fill. It is quite possible, with almost 6 quarts, that it is overfilled. If overfilled, you would not be able to tell with the lighter fluid. Try squeezing the plastic tube just below the sight glass and see if you can tell if there is any fluid movement in the sight glass.

If it is overfilled, you do want to get it to the proper level. You can remove the lower tube from the sight glass to drain out some if needed.

If you have not burped the system, you do so by starting the tractor, and moving the hydro levers on the left of the tractor back and forth and by turning the steering wheel back and forth a few times, with the tractor running but sitting still, for a period of five to ten minutes. Let the tractor sit with the engine off for about ten minutes, and then check the level. It should be at about the half way mark on the sight glass. - Dave

Dave M Thanks Dave. Keep in mind that this is a 316 without power steering and only one hydraulic lever on the left to raise and lower the deck or a blade. Is "burping" the system done by raising and lowering the deck, then? It also has a drain plug in the bottom of the transaxle, so that's how I drained the old fluid.
Gary Givler Still haven't found the hydraulic filter on my Onan 316

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