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X585 Fuel pump quit

Skip Weisberg My x585(229 hours)was purring along when it suddenly died. After trying to restart it several times, I realized that I didn't hear the fuel pump hum any more when the key was first turned on. I can't believe that the pump just suddenly bought the farm without any warning or other operational issues appearing first. Does anyone know what the deal may be? Is there a relay for the fuel pump? Does anyone have a wiring diagram...?

Thanks, Skip

bontai Joe Have you checked out the wire connections on the pump and on the other end of those wires to see that they are tight?
Cliff I have the same problem with my x475 diriving me crazy usually happens after a couple hours of use then when it cools down will start again. I have had the pump out and all connections are good and the pump runs fine. It seems to be a loss of power to the pump when some thing gets hot. any idea or wiring diagrams JD wants over a $100 for the manual
Blake Replace the fuel pump. it is starting to short out when heated up. im a jd mechanic. just did one a month ago
Alan Cliff, I have a X585 that did exactly what yours did; the problem was the muffler. Externally it looked great but sounded a little louder than I thought it should. The engine was hard to start and sounded like it was running rich AND not getting enough fuel because it would run, then nearly die and then catch itself and run, then nearly die, etc. The engine didn't have the back pressure needed to make it run smooth (rough idle and loss of power at FT too). It also was hard to start when I quit to clean it up after mowing. Put a glove over the muffler to give it some back pressure and see if that helps you... A new muffler made mine new again...

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