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JD 212 stopped running

Randy Blausey Mowing the lawn, the 212 went dead just as if I turned off the key. Engine will not restart. The PTO is off, trans is in nutral. Points are good and gapped properly and so is the spark plug. Oil is ok and fuel is 3/4 full and fresh. I've folowed the wiring to all leads and not found any problems. All this was checked by me after I got it back up to the garage. The engine cranks freely but no start. Im the original owner and never had any problem before. 1987 JD 212 about 700 hrs. on motor. Thanks for any advice, I'm down for the count.
bontai Joe Since it cranks, we know that you have good seat switch, and good battery. The 4 things needed for an engine to run are air, fuel, spark, and compression. Have you checked if the spark plug is indeed sparking by removing it from the head, reattaching the wire and carefully holding the rubber boot while grounding the base to the motor and then crank the motor? Fuel getting into the carb?
Randy Blausey Thank you for the advice... I have no spark at the plug. I grounded it on the block and a few other places in the area with the coil wire properly seated on the coil and the plug. No spark upon cranking the engine. What might this leave me with, a bad coil, plug, points,or regulator-rectifier(sp)? I'll take Any suggestions,Thanks.
bontai Joe What I do on these old Kohlers (And I love them dearly) is get new points, condensor, and spark plug as that typically gets them going 95% of the time. Have you set the gap on points before on one of these? Should be .018" at top dead center, plug should be at .032" and I use original parts for best success. Also, is there fuel getting to the cylinder?
Randy Blausey Nice to hear from you again Joe, The points condensor and plug are all new this spring. About 7 hrs. of time on them. The gaps are proper. I too thought about getting another set of points. I got back on the floor and took off the points cover for another look, waited until dark and hit the ignition to look for electrical flash/arc,the points are just dead like everything up line from it. What makes the electricty to start with? Do you know what the electrical order is from start to finish?... I gotta admit I love the old Kohler too. I just put the second set of points,condensor and plug on after the factory oem early this year.
bontai Joe I know sorta the basics on the electrical system, but putting it in words and having the exact volt and amp numbers to look for are beyod, me. the stator under the flywheel is a big coil of copper wire rotating past magnets. If I remember correctly, that generates AC current that goes to the voltage regulator, comes out as nominal 12 volt DC current. That goes to the battery. Then it goes to the coil maybe, and then to the condenser and then the points and then to the plug. I hope i got that right, and if anyone sees a mistake PLEASE feel free to correct me.
Randy Blausey I got it. Thanks so very much for the leadership. It traced to a bad coil. the 212 runs great.
bontai Joe Glad to hear that you got 'er running.

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