JD 316 carb problem, hydro problem?

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JD 316 carb problem, hydro problem?

Eric I just recently purchased 1978 John Deere 316 with a 16 HP Koler engine. I noticed that when I got it home that it leaked gas from the carb and would only stay running while fully choked. So I rebuilt it and it fixed the leak but it still needs to have the choke on or it will stall it other wise runs and mows fine. I also was wondering if when you press on the brake pedal if the hydro should go to neutral? I have previously used a cub cadet and when you pressed the brakes the hydro lever moved back to neutral. Thnaks
bontai Joe I'll answer the second question first. The hydro does not return to neutral when you press the brake pedal. The previous model 120 and 140 did have that feature, but it was not carried on to the 300 series.

Now, running on choke tells me that your carb needs to be adjusted to run a little richer on fuel. Back the high speed adj. screw out 1/8 of a turn at a time until it runs with no choke (after it's warmed up of course!) By the way, I own the exact same tractor, bought it new in '79 as a left over and it has been an amazingly strong and reliable tractor for me with well over 2000 hours on it. I hope you enjoy yours as well

Eric Thanks for answering my questions, I purchased this used as opposed to buying a new mower at one of the big box stores, they just don't make them like they used to. Anyhow which one is the high speed adjust screw on the carb. I see two adjustment screws, one about a 45 degree angel that is closer to the engine side of the carb and one that is straight up and down. I suspect that it is the straight up and down one as it adjusts the needle. Can you set me straight and tell which one it is and what the other one adjusts. Thanks again.
bontai Joe The one that adjust the needle is the high speed adj screw, the other is the low speed (idle screw)

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